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Hi I'm Nin (and I'm terrible with introductions).


I'm new to FFXIV although I've played a couple of MMOs before--Guild Wars 2 (recent), Dragon Nest, SMT: Imagine, Ragnarok Online to name a few. I like to draw and write stories in my spare time. I've rp'ed with a couple of close friends before but I've never tried doing it in a game. I've been meaning to try but I always end up backing out, sitting by the sidelines... watching other.. people.. like a creeper..




So! Hopefully I won't chicken out and will join the rp scene here soon. Although I did.. chicken out during the event last weekend haha... so many people I got scared... orz




This here's an oc I'm still tweaking. He's around his mid-late twenties. He enjoys planting and raising crops. Has only recently started living on his own. Umm that's all I have right now.



still deciding whether or not to keep the beard..



Anyway, nice meeting you all.

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Don't worry Razamir has had his shots ... at least most of them ... I think. Anywho Welcome to RPC! I hope to see you RPing this weekend. If you have any questions feel free to PM or ask any of the other wonderful, helpful people in this community. There are plenty of people always willing to help out.



cept that one guy





but we don't talk about him






J/K :P

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You're adorable! Don't be afraid to speak up! We like new people! (Especially adorable ones :3) Welcome to zee RPC!

We like new people!

We do not! Stop teasing him!


Seriously, Welcome! If you have any questions or want some practice with in game or forum RP, we'll be happy to help!




(( Huh, it seems I can't quote more than two people?? Anyway, thanks for the warm welcome!! ))

Welcome to the community!  No need to be shy, we dont bite... hard.  Nah just kidding.   Just relax and have fun and im sure the shyness will melt away.




"Please don't bite me..."

Welcome!  I've been the same way about RP in games too, so hopefully we both don't chicken out. n__n your character is adorable... unless he doesn't want to be called that.




(( And I'll try my best not to chicken out at the last minute this time hahaha... ))

I like the drawing; he looks like he belongs on the cover of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band






Hello and welcome~! What a cutie patootie little Lala oh my gosh!


You should totally keep the beard~




(( I hope I'm not breaking rules here with the flood of replies..? ))

*places a pie down* Welcome!


*Steals the pie and noms* HELLO! Welcome to the community! Uhm sorry but I ate your pie. *Gives you a snack basket to replace it*


From the amount of food that gets stolen in these welcome threads I'm surprised people don't get fat.


But anyway welcome to the RPC!






(( He gets scared easily... ))


And done. Sorry for the flood and thanks again everyone. :D

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