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E'lora Caeruleus

faerie [aether/faerie] Adventurer Seeking Friends (newbie)

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Hello all!


My name is Mason, but my characters name is E'lora Caeruleus. She is a Miqo'te Seeker of the Sun who is mainly a dancer and weaver. I play on the Aether data center in Faerie, however I'm open to world jumping to meet new friends!


I'm not new to roleplay. I've been roleplaying since about 2005. I am, however, new to roleplay in games. I've done a little bit of roleplay on RuneScape (the only reason I kept playing that game) and I really enjoyed it! But sadly had to give it up as the GM disband the campaign we were doing. E'lora hasn't been fleshed out as much as I would like her to since I'm so new to this. But I feel like finding a group of people or even one person to RP with me it would be helpful! I'm about to start Shadowbringers and catching up on lore. So if you have the patience to deal with me it's very appreciated.


E'lora's carrd and my OOC information can be found here at A Crown of Blue, but to make things faster:


timezone: Eastern Stanard Time (EST)
availability: Weekdays after 3/4pm, weekends please contact
contact Info: Yunalescaa on Instagram, Samnox#3114 on Discord
preferred rp platforms: Will roleplay in game or on Discord
looking for: Friends, character development plots, romance, slice of life, adventure

I'm pretty okay with E'lora doing certain things for plot but please discuss with me beforehand 😄


I only ask that if you contact me via discord, just tell me you're from this forum! 



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Updated my in game name to match my character name better. You can now find me on Aether as E'lora Caeruleus.

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