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It's been a week since I arrived in Ul'dah, I've been too nervous to try and talk to anybody and I am starting to get lonely. I worry that He may find me, or that He may have people working for him in Ul'dah.... But I'm starting to get low on gil ... I will need to do some more odd jobs just to pay for the room I've been renting at the Inn. I've been told there's some work in Aleport so I suppose I will head there for the day.

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As I write this I sit on the streets of Ul'dah in the middle of the night. I watch as young females take men back to their rooms for the night for a handful of coins and ponder if that is to become my fate if I remain here. While doing some work out in Aleport I happened upon a little Couerl kitten, crying next to his dead mother. How could I leave him there? I mean, I am from the Couerl clan ... even if I did leave it behind, it is still part of who I am. So I decided to take him in and take care of him ... however the Innkeeper was not to fond of having a wild animal in the room ... I had to pay him a deposit for the night which used up most of what remained of my gil.


I met a man ... I think his name was Killian? A tall, dark Hyur, looked like a bandit or a pirate, he never did tell me what it is he does, but he offered me a job. I told him I would take the night to think on it, something about the way he looked at me, reminded me of Him. If I can make enough gil tomorrow before I meet with him again I shall decline his offer. I should probably get to bed now, It will be a busy day tomorrow.

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