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  1. As I write this I sit on the streets of Ul'dah in the middle of the night. I watch as young females take men back to their rooms for the night for a handful of coins and ponder if that is to become my fate if I remain here. While doing some work out in Aleport I happened upon a little Couerl kitten, crying next to his dead mother. How could I leave him there? I mean, I am from the Couerl clan ... even if I did leave it behind, it is still part of who I am. So I decided to take him in and take care of him ... however the Innkeeper was not to fond of having a wild animal in the room ... I had to pay him a deposit for the night which used up most of what remained of my gil. I met a man ... I think his name was Killian? A tall, dark Hyur, looked like a bandit or a pirate, he never did tell me what it is he does, but he offered me a job. I told him I would take the night to think on it, something about the way he looked at me, reminded me of Him. If I can make enough gil tomorrow before I meet with him again I shall decline his offer. I should probably get to bed now, It will be a busy day tomorrow.
  2. It's been a week since I arrived in Ul'dah, I've been too nervous to try and talk to anybody and I am starting to get lonely. I worry that He may find me, or that He may have people working for him in Ul'dah.... But I'm starting to get low on gil ... I will need to do some more odd jobs just to pay for the room I've been renting at the Inn. I've been told there's some work in Aleport so I suppose I will head there for the day.
  3. Greetings all! I played FFXIV waaaaaay back in 2013 and used to do a lot of RP on here and I'm looking forward to getting back into it! I have a new account now (was cheaper just to re-buy it on steam with the expansions than to just upgrade the old account lol) But I'm looking for a good RP guild that doesn't mind newbies. ^-^
  4. Greetings! It has been quite some time since I have visited these forums (Since 2013 I do believe) but I have decided to reactivate my sub and rejoin the world of Final Fantasy RP! But, I am not sure where to start anymore (It took me 45mins to find a moogle to get my mail lol) So I am looking for a FC or a LS that would be glad to have an old player, but who is now a newbie at everything again, and wouldn't mind my questions ... as well as I'd love to get back into RP again! Looking forward to hear from you guys!
  5. Kieaira sank into the wet sand, as the rain continued to fall causing a chill to pass over the small Miqo'te woman. The fire behind her was dying away, and in the next second the land around them was once more cast into shadow, the scent of burning wood strong on the breeze. In the darkness it was hard to spot the Miqo'te woman, thankfully for her, her eyes were adapt to such low lighting. She pulled herself out of the mud and trenched towards the tent, the thunder and lightning seemed to have stopped ... perhaps the rain would soon cease as well. Into the tent she crawled, the sleeping bags had all been laid out and should have travelers sleeping soundly within, but alas the battle raged on outside. Kieaira narrowed her eyes as she looked around in the darkness before finally spotting it ... her bag! Tucked away in a corner, it looked as if someone had arranged it to be used as a pillow, but that didn't bother her. She crawled over to the bag, pulled off her shoes that were filled with water and mud, before pulling off her top and dropping it into a pile with a slosh. She reached into the bag and pulled out a long cloak with a cowl that would hide the white colour of her hair and ears and pulled it on over her still wet pants. Next she found the sandals she had packed away and slipped them on, sure they would get wet, but would be much more comfortable than the soaked and heavy cloth shoes she had been wearing. She pushed the bag back into the corner and moved to the entrance to the tent, opening it just a slit so she could look out. The tent was on an angle so she could only partially see the others as they fought near the caravan. She swallowed hard, fear gripping at her heart ... she had to do something... She took in a deep breath and darted from the tent, the cowl was dark and helped to conceal her much better. She moved at the speed of a quick walk, doing her best not to be noticed, and as far as she knew the others were busy fighting. She was heading away from the make-shift camp, towards the direction of Black Brush station, but just how far she would get on her own was unknown ... or would she even return?
  6. She just ... stood there. How? ..... Why? .... She found herself asking, seeming to be in a state of shock, everything seemed like it was going in slow motion. The chocobos charging from different directions towards the group and the bandits, Draevyn charging off with his spear, calling out a battle cry as he reached the fray. The Miqo'te males were nowhere to be seen ... she wasn't even sure the last time she had saw them, it was only now she noticed them missing. The tree behind her roared in flames, but it wouldn't last ... not with the rain picking up and soaking the land. Droplets of water fell from her ears and nose, her ivory hair matted to her forehead and cheeks, her navy blue clothing clung to her lithe frame, making her feel heavy and uncomfortable. A sudden roaring of thunder as the rain picked up, brought her back to the here and now. She shook her head, and looked around ... what was she to do? She dared not return to the group and become a hostage ... but there must be some way she could help. Could she return to Black Brush station and rally the guards? Should she chase after the chocobos? Perhaps she could try and get Lorielle to back away from the danger .... let the men handle everything ... but somehow she didn't think Lorielle was the type to flee. Kieaira's ears wilted, a look of desperation crossed her features, as she fell down into the mud in defeat. Why am I not stronger? Why have I not studied a craft? Why am I so helpless? I can't even help my friends... all I can do is stay out of the way ... all I am is a burden ... Protect poor Kieaira ... Keep poor Kieaira safe... She closed her icy blue eyes, tears rolled down her cheeks, mixing with the droplets of rain, a feeling of hopeless was closing in.
  7. Just picked up Pokemon X, if you want to be friends just PM me and we can exchange friend codes! (I also play Animal Crossing)
  8. Kieaira remained crouched behind the boxes, her arms wrapped around her knees as she shivered, her ears twitching as the voices began to carry above the rain that bathed the parched land. She peeked between the boxes, a small bit of relief came to her as Lorielle freed herself from the man, but it was replaced just as quickly with fear. Did I make things worse? Oh what do I do? What do I do? Her eyes scanning the cart, trying to find something .... anything ... that would help. She tried to remember if there had been anything in the crates ... a weapon perhaps? But what would she do with it ... she was clumsy, and untrained, would it just make things worse? She bit down on her lip harder, she was trapped, the only way out of the cart was through the small makeshift hole between the crates, and just in front of that stood the other travelers. Friends? Were they her friends? No time to think of that now... As Kieaira began to panic, a crash of thunder shook the cart once more and a streak of lightening struck the nearby tree, causing it to illuminate with flame. The chocobos squawked and pulled at the ropes that tied them in place, but they were secure. The chocobos! It would be foolish to try and save them ... but I can't just watch them die... Finally her eyes landed on something useful, something that had gone unnoticed for the trip since it had been of no use before then... A trap door. In the bottom of the cart, the handle just barely seen beneath the sleeping bags. Slowly Kieaira shifted, hoping the rain would cover the sounds of her moving, and pushed the sleeping bags away. She wrapped her hands around the cold steel door hatch and pulled, straining what little muscle she had, her face turning red and she grunted. Finally the door gave way and she fell back on her behind with a thump. Go go go! She didn't have time to think about any pain. She slipped down threw the door and with all the speed of a Miqo'te she dashed towards the Chocobos, her tiny form aglow from the fire as she began pulling on the knots tied to the tree ... but they were too tight ... It had all been in vain! The chocobos were doomed ... and she had compromised her position. Her ears wilted and just as she was about to give up, she saw the glint of a dagger from the corner of her right eye. The dagger began sawing at the ropes and she looked up to see Draevyn, the carts driver. His blonde hair was matted to his face, and his blue eyes were full of anger and determination as he cut through one of the ropes, the chocobo taking off into the darkness. He grunted and began sawing at the other one. "Get out of here!" He yelled down at Kieaira, who had just been standing there staring at him in awe. "B-But the others!" Draevyn grunted again and fell back as the second rope finally snapped and the other chocobo began to run, this time heading straight towards the travelers and the bandits. Kieaira rushed to Draevyn's side, but he pushed her away as he got back up, the fire in the tree above them continuing to grow. "Where are you going?!" The little Miqo'te shouted as the blonde haired Hyur turned and began to walk off. She rushed forward and grabbed hold of his wrist, pulling him back. "You can't just leave us! You have to help! Please!!"
  9. Kieaira was buried between two sleeping bags at this point, just the tips of her white ears showing, but she could hear someone talking ... it sounded like Tobias. The howl of the wind and the patter of the rain against the cloth caravan cover were drowning out what he was saying, but she assumed it wasn't directed at her. She pulled the sleeping bags closer as another roll of thunder shook the cart, causing a soft, and most likely unheard, whimper to escape past her thin lips. Her entire body was trembling, and she still didn't even know anything was wrong, save for the storm.
  10. Kieaira swallowed hard, swallowing down her fear. She hated ... and I mean -hated- thunderstorms, but right now was not the time to be cowering. She looked towards the tent where Lorielle and Tobias had disappeared too and wrinkled her nose, though why would remain unknown as she finished piling the carts, leaving just a small entryway into the cart. "I.. I'll stay here." She said unrolling one of the sleeping bags in the back of the cart, another shiver trembling down her spine. The soft pitter patter against the cover of the cart began ... the rain was coming, slowly at first, but it would soon pick up. Before anyone could object, she slid down into the sleeping bag, shoes and all, and pulled the bag up to her nose, her eyes staring out into the darkness, though she could at least still see well, perhaps better than most of the others. The cart rocked gently but stayed strong, and she only hoped it would help lull to her sleep, but for now she would merely shiver beneath the sleeping bag, trying to warm up as quickly as she could.
  11. "I think I need -a lot- more alcohol before you get me singing. 'sides, I'd be clearing out the tavern pretty fast if I did ... It's more like the sound of a drowning cat then singing." She laughed softly, wrapping her hand around the cold glass filled with a dark brown liquid and ice. She took a long sip through the straw and smiled. "Pugilist." She raised one hand in a fist. "I don't like to rely on things like magic or weapons ... just my own two fists. So long as I got them, or at least one foot left, I know I can fight. And you? What brings you to this dusty old tavern?"
  12. Draevyn smiled down at Kieaira, believing he had saved her from whatever onslaught of flirting Tobias had done to cause her face to flush with redness. He gave her a small wink, and folded his hands back behind his head as he looked up at the clouds. "Should get things set up for bed ... that rain will be here soon." He nodded, turning off to head back towards the cart. Kieaira let out a small sigh and stood up, raising her arms over her head as she stretched, just as the first droplet of water fell onto her forehead. With a sense of urgency she walked quickly back to the others, passing by Draevyn on the way, a large tarp and some rope in hand, presumably to hang up over the chocobos. "Where are the sleeping bags?" She asked, looking around. "We can put at least two in the back of the cart since it's covered.... and everyone else can use the tent ... then we won't be crowded." She didn't wait for a response before setting to work. Pushing the large crates to create a sort of barrier in the back of the cart, just as the wind began to pick up, sending a chill down her spine. "Hurry up!" She cried but her words were lost as a loud crash of thunder shook the land. Kieaira winced, her ears flat against her head, and a look of fear on her face.
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