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Final Fantasy: Something New and Something Old

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One of the things I've always loved about the Final Fantasy franchise was seeing how the next game would remake things from the old games, whether they be weapons, monsters, or anything else. Final Fantasy XIV is no exception, in fact it probably has more easter eggs, cameos, and references to the franchise than any other game to date. So with that being said, I wanted to start a discussion about all the different things people have found in the game that are from previous games, whether they be just a mild nod to an older game, or a full blown cameo. Feel free to speculate as well, though let's keep it light hearted!


I'll go ahead and start us off, though I know some of these are already well known.


Nael van Darnus and the Seventh Umbral Era storyline seems, at least to me, a not-so-subtle reference to the storyline from Final Fantasy VII. While there are some aspects that might be merely grasping, like the scene where he defeats the player and then casually strolls into the fire leaving them for dead being a nod to a similar scene where Sephiroth does nearly the same exact thing, or the silver armor being a nod to Sephiroth's silver hair, there are other aspects that are not so easy to overlook.


If we make a comparison of the Legatus to SOLDIER, than we now have a super soldier who claims to be descended from an ancient race that once inhabited the planet and now intends to wipe out all life using a Meteor. Sephiroth believed initially he was descended from the Cetra, while Nael claims to be descended from the Allagan, and the only major difference in their motives is that Sephiroth is compelled by his Mother (Jenova) while Nael van Darnus is driven by Dalamud (Bahamut).


Next we have the Crystal Tower, something anyone who has been playing the series as long as I have will remember as being the area where the Warriors of Light confront Xande. One can speculate that the new version of it will also have a fight with the Cloud of Darkness even, perhaps the antagonist behind the Masked Mages/Ascians.


I could go on, but for now I want to see what else anyone else has found in their travels!

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I don't think we'll see actual cameos of characters from old games, more like the above post I made where they made Nael van Darnus very close to Sephiroth... but then again in that video posted on the forums about how to pronounce stuff Fernehawles says something about Xande being in the Crystal Tower, so maybe they will?


Edit: Maybe Hydaelyn is actually Hollow Bastion before the Heartless get to it, and eventually we'll have all the Final Fantasy worlds merge together there! Kidding of course.


Edit Edit: Personally I'd rather see them stick with vague references than full blown cameos, though in some cases it's alright for recurring characters. I can definitely say I was super excited when I saw

Biggs and Wedge during the Immortal Flames quest.

But if they just straight added characters like Cloud Strife or Kain Highwind I'd be a little more disappointed.

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