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Koi Kitsune

other Looking for Helper/Mod for FC on Coeurl

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I've been having issues with leading my FC by myself due to my health issues, and I recently decided to start my FC lore over from scratch and could use someone to help me with events, ideas, managing the FC, etc.  I've been running it completely by myself for so long, which just isn't viable due to my health conditions, and I could really use a helping hand.


This person would be responsible for helping me with:


  • Creative Collaboration for coming up with ideas for the FC relating to events, lore, story missions, etc.
  • Hosting RP events and keep events going regularly
  • Making sure FC Actions are active at all times
  • Recruiting (The FC has only two actively RP'd characters)
  • Smoothly introducing new FC members with story events
  • Probably some other stuff I'm forgetting


The FC is called The Mondathrii Clan <CLAN>, and it's a chaotic-good yakuza-style clan.  The clan places a value on found-family rather than blood ties, so most of the clan is metaphorically adopted into the fold rather than born into it.  They strive to help those in need, but they're not afraid to work outside of the law when the occasion calls for it, which has resulted in the clan having an underground presence and hosting multiple businesses as fronts for their true dealings.  Most members have a specific tattoo on their left bicep that represents the clan, and the clan features a far eastern culture that has been passed down through its members for countless generations.



The Mondathrii Clan <CLAN> is a Far Eastern yakuza-themed FC of found family that strives to help people.


Ideally I would like whoever helps me to become a good friend, as well, but that's in the future.


If you're interested, please let me know!  I could really use some help.


Thank you~

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