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Hydaelyn Coalition Linkshell?

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Somehow I can't help but htink its been brought up/discussed already(did do a quick/brief search before posting this) but I was curious if the community here were considering setting up a friendly little Hydaelyn Coalition Linkshell.


IF my understanding was right with the release of 2.0/ARR that linkshells instead of functioning as the 'guild' aspect will still be there and possess the same usability as before where the Free Company is the actual guild designation for ARR and that we can still possess and be a part of of multiple linkshells I figured if it had been suggested then a Linkshell for the community here sounded like a cool idea and thought I'd put that out there(if it wasnt previously talked about) or add in my being in favor of it if it was already mentioned lol

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I believe Intermission is set to basically be the RPC's linkshell for OOC purposes. It's a place we can all gather, chat, and still have connections for RP in the future. I'm not sure if there's one out there specifically for RP, though? But, seeing that the RPC is just a collecting of other Linkshells, I'm not too sure if it would make much sense.

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