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  1. at about 11am I saw several openings in the Mist and managed to land one myself
  2. :moogle: Managed one just now in Ward 10 of the Mist, subdivision Now the next most important matter I must attend too...where to find/craft some aquariums.
  3. I myself am partial to the Limsa Lominsa region and thus the Mists so it's where I plan to check first. Due to working 2nd shift I don't think I want to chance an all nihhter but I am considering waking up by around 9-10am at the latest or maybe even earlier to make an attempt. Guess we'll see.
  4. I was curious, with Balmung's population as massive as it is. Were folks leaning toward specific ward/subdivision instances ? With the apartments having the lobby people can hang out in I was curious as it would give people another place to meet up and hangout. Or if,due to the population we are all just going to go for where ever we can find space and may some of us be lucky enough to obtain one lol.
  5. I'm somewhat interesting in looking for a a linkshell or 2 and maybe even a FC I might consider joining. Sadly, my playtime and scheduling can be quite erratic. Either between work or hovering between multiple single player rpgs or such or the occasional 2 or more mmos its hard for me to always stay intently focused in one location often. So it tends to cause issues with groups that require steady activity. I like to check around casually tho during my periods of play just due to it being nice to have some friendly folk to chat with at least OOCly during the times I happen to be onl
  6. I was hoping the apartments themselves would at least be instanced. A limited number isn't going to go well for alot of us I hadn't gotten enough gil for a small home so when I heard about this next patch I got a little excited. Well here's hoping. But I know how busy Balmung is lol.
  7. Tho even on the higher res setting the benchmark didn't really stutter except for a quick moment so I may experiment with the actual game and check out some of the higher activity areas and places with alot of the FATE trains rolling thru and see how it goes. Would b a shame to not run every game on the 4k res haha. Tho I'm happy I found the reason why the benchmark scores changed lol.
  8. I believe I actually found the culprit. it was the resolution. The new monitor I bought along with the gpu I have are able to make use of the newer 4k res. So i set it to that resolution manually when I ran the benchmark(both on direct9 and 11 settings @ maximum and that was where the massive change in score performance originated. If i set it to the more typical 1920x1080 my machine scores over 15000+ on direct11 maximum. Once I shifted it to the 3840x2160 it generally lands around 5700ish on the same setting. I'm going to "assume" its due to not a large number of things out right now a
  9. I've tried after a fresh reboot, and all those etc. I checked and manually set power performance to max on my gpu globally and individually for the benchmark program as well. When I loaded the game it seemed to run fine tho. The benchmark scoring acting up bugs me tho lol, I'd like to try and find out what the cause is
  10. ill have to try and peak at the Bios settings next. i found the power profile setting and set the benchmarks individual setting to prefer max performance and also as a global setting. Not sure where I'd check the heat throttling at. Tho for the most part this new rig runs incredibly cool. not sure if something got tweaked up after some additional windows updates or not. I'll fiddle around a bit here and there tho. Works got me on extra hrs all week so I'll only have limited time to fiddle with settings lol. Thanks for the tips so far tho.
  11. Ive already played and know how my old system ran the game after Heavensward came out, but as i just built a new rig over the weekend I was playing with the benchmark again to do a base line performance comparison. After all updates and drivers were set on the new rig I loaded up the benchmark and for fun hit maximum settings on the directx11 client version to run the benchmark. It scored rather high(around 15000+) I was playing around again a moment ago, ran the benchmark at the same settings with no changes and it scored around 5k, which struck me as odd. Was wondering if anyone ha
  12. Yep. Lots of adventuring outsider NPCs and plenty of quest dialog that acknowledges as such. This helps tremendously, much appreciated, and thanks to the others as well. I was wondering but I had only just gotten into Ishgard sunday for the purpose of unlocking the jobs and attuning to the Aetheryte there. I plan to return back to the other regions for probably a fair bit to continue working on projects I had to put on hold and also feel out the new jobs to help me find how best to work some things into my character. This was about what my guess wouldve been as to how we would w
  13. Found myself wondering after finally finishing Before The Dawn over the weekend. Regarding Ishgard's seemingly closed door policy to outsiders, how are folks playing it that we are now Ble to access the region ,like for a freelance adventurer type like my character for example. Not sure if it's been brought up or not as work has kept me to busy to lurk forums that much.
  14. Since work put me behind on MSQ and crafting/gathering. I will first use 1 of my 2 Phantasia's to see if the look I created on the benchmark feels good in game and test it out some while working on my MSQ pre 3.0 as I still have roughly 20 some quests to go before I'm able to access the expansion regions and unlock Drk and Machinist. At least all these MSQ's I still have to do will give me time to test run my new appearance along with animations and emotes to see if they feel good for my character before committing to a full change over. I suspect I won't have the new jobs unlocked befor
  15. This reminds me to tweak a filter once I'm in game, I too do not want to see tons of spoiler related stuff in shout and chat channels either. It would be nice to see folks try to be respectful of not bombarding public chat areas with spoilers to story related content. Sadly I'm sure like me you are prepared for it in some manner cause it's probably going to happen. Did get my shout turned off at least heh.
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