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((Everyone having a good weekend? My name is Jason, I am a 28 year old electrician in the US Navy. Been playing mmorpgs since I graduated high school my first was Star Wars Galaxies, then I played World of Warcraft for 4 or 5 years, but quit when I went on my first deployment. I've tried a ton of others since then, but only played SWTOR for any serious length of time just enough to get to 50. When I was looking for new games to play I looked at FFXIV1.0 but I couldn't find a copy in stores at the time, was probably 4 months before servers went down. Been waiting patiently ever since!))


>Edit:I can't believe I forgot about City of Heroes...:blush: considering I played for over 3 years. It is where I first learned about "unofficial" RP servers Virtue for life!


((As for final fantasy itself I have been a fan of the series since I played the original on the NES, I would have to say my favorite was 8, though I will admit 7 was a better game, I perferred 8's story. Haven't managed to sit thru 12 or 13 fully yet though.))


((I have been playing pen and paper roleplaying games since my uncle gave me a control of a character he made, and ran a game for me and my sister when I was 7. xD When I got to highschool I pestered him about the game I also remembered playing and learned about Shadowrun, after that I went out picked up DnD and learned how to play and joined my uncle's regular gaming group.))


((I actually learned about the RPC when I started searching for the unofficial RP server and all searches, signs and roads lead right here.))


((I would probably be around a medium level of roleplaying, though it could depend on how involved I get, I spend a lot of time thinking up adventures and plots for my campaigns, But I also like dungeons and raids my favorite time in wow was with a guild called Elysium, where we would sit on vent and just bs for hours while running Karazhan.))


((My character is Torvhan Durant, a young hyur gladiator who aspires to be a paladin so that he can join the rank of the men and women who protect the Sultana.))

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