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The one your mum warned you about


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Sup.  8-)


I kind of gave the game a try back in 1.0 beta and decided back then it wasn't for me.  I had an account here but I guess it got wiped out - thanks for that.  Kidding.  lol  So I made another account.  :P  I'll just use the template thats here for the rest.



--MMORPG background

I played some WoW, FFXI, and a little Tera and GW2.  Nothing really stuck so far but some friends of mine were raving about this and I remembered this RP community.  I usually play ninja/thief/rogue/givemesomedaggersandgetoutofmyway!


 --RP experience

Middle of the road?  Not sure how to rate myself here.  I've had some experience with RP in some of the other games mentioned above.  I usually play seedy characters who are into dirty dealings n stuff.  I can't do the goodie-two-shoes thing without it feeling really stupid.  But I heard from some people on other games taht I do allr ight and RP a convincing jerkwad.  So I guess thats a good thing.  Maybe someone can tell me how my experience is when we all get to roughhousing in the sandbox.


 --Character ideas/info

I have a good idea what I'll be RPin already.  Low-Z will be a miqote dude that sells "questionable product" to people.  Eorzeas equivalent of a drug dealer.  Hope this is ok.  Not sure if theres room for somethin like that in this group.  I thought it'd be good though.  I kinda been lurking for awhile and saw that a lot of ya are on Gilgamesh it seems so I made up a char there.  I'm familiar with the lore and stuff.  So "somnus dealer" and kind of skirting beneath the law.  The char's actual name is Lho'zi Mbehlo - keeper of the moon - but his clients and such will call him "Low-Z".  He's friendly - gotta be friendly when dealin with the customer.  But hes rough and has a mean streak.


 --How did you learn about the coalition?

I was here a long time ago.  Don't even remember what my name was back then.  Some other char that didn't pan out.  I been hearing a lot of great stuff about this game and lookin forward to RPin with some of ya!


 --What kind of a role-player are you aiming to be? Light, medium, or heavy?

Probably medium-heavy.  I like to stay in char but I know you can't always get stuff done that way for the game - leveling up and "the grind" and all that other stuff. 


--Anything from real life you're comfortable with sharing? (Work, school, hobbies, etc)

I'm 26.  I own a successful small business and go from having a lot of free time to not having much at all depending on what time of year and other stuff.  I live in a rural town in Indiana that nobodys ever heard of so its not worth mentioning.  I like heavy metal.  And my char is gonna be awesome.  You'll see.  Trust me.  You will.  :dodgy:



Also I see everyones got avatars and signatures and all that fun stuff.  I'll fix mine up later.  I got some screenshots and enough know how to crop an avatar.  I read a few of the wikis and maybe I'll try to wrap my head around how to make one of those pages up for this guy.  Haven't thought too much about linkshells and all that stuff yet.  Might not even need one right off if open world RP happens here.  Or maybe I'll fit into YOURS.  YES YOU!!  Kidding.  Maybe.  Depends on the guild.  :evil:



That's all I got for now

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Welcome to the RPC, and I just wanted to say: a dealer character!!!!!! x Infinite amount of exclamation points. If you're interested or nottt ( that's alright too... ;_; ) I have a character that's supposed to be a runner for such sketchy characters. If you're interested! o/ But yeah, totally welcome and make yourself at home! :3

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Thanks for the welcomes n stuff.


I'm glad there seems to be room for this sort of a thing. In the past people kinda gotten upset at stuff like dealing illegals and prostitution. I figure there is a lot of great stuff in the game lore to work with, like Somnus, and I'm sure there's other stuff besides. I figure Low-Z will be the kind of guy that can get you some stuff that might otherwise be hard-to-get. I don't figure on him being a kingpin or anything like that, but I've been thinking maybe there will be a lalafell or someone that he works for.


And just to be clear he's not a bad dude. He just does what he does to make money and because there's a demand for it.


Been thinking about some catch-phrases and things, and my favorite so far is "Low-Z can get you high."


If any one that's been around for awhile knows more about the lore behind somnus or any other substances that are used or abused in eorzea let me know. I've only seen some of it so far in the cutscenes and I don't know if it's cool or not to "make up" anything that might not be in the lore exactly.


Also got my avatar up there but not gonna do a signature cuz I think they're annoying. I have been thinking about Low-Z's younger years and I'll try to figure out how to make a wiki sometime soon.


Maybe I'll see some of you all at this event, if I can find it!

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Hey saw you at the event! so naturally glad to see you here also!


I would follow this guide right here for the Wiki creating it's the basic template, but if you need help wanting to make it all fancy and pretty then contact someone in a PM I am sure they will be glad to help out. 


From what I saw at the event you have your story covered but here there is tons and tons of information you can check out hope to see you about again when the game comes live!


And remember feel free to ask questions we luuuuuuuurve questions.

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If any one that's been around for awhile knows more about the lore behind somnus or any other substances that are used or abused in eorzea let me know.  I've only seen some of it so far in the cutscenes and I don't know if it's cool or not to "make up" anything that might not be in the lore exactly.

If he's an alchemist I'm sure you can improv a lot of his shady goods with creative thinking. With botany I'm sure he could find some interesting plants that are probably toxic in some mind altering fashion! Even special ethers for people who are addicted to more arcane things. Rhynka sticks to moko grass and cloves so I don't think he could sell her anything unless it was poison to settle a vendetta.


Welcome to the RPC, I look forward to seeing you in game and meeting IC sometime!

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Great character idea! I love to see characters that stretch the limit and bring 'life' into a world. Not everyone is nice... or on the up and up. Gotta have the dark ones to add interest and create conflict.

So props to you!

My last foray into playing a dark character in an MMO was.. .a mixed bag. Tier'dal fury in EQ2, read up/got into the 'persona'... and I am have to say... have both pride and abject humiliation to admit that I- as a prospective new member to my DE House (the guild)- managed to get one (admittedly newer) member kicked and and myself added, and three of the males interested in her... all due to my portrayal.

Humiliation... because I do NOT cause drama. I absolutely detest OOC drama and B.S. and I did NOT want anyone kicked or ANY strife or ANYthing like that. OOC is OOC... IC is IC. Keep it separate!

Pride... because, well apparently, I did the Tier'dal female right RP wise. hahaha. She was a cold, manipulative, seductive, twisted little thing...(and quite fun to play) :P


Still, haven't felt brave enough to give a pure dark character a shot again- so again, props to any that can do it and come off as a nice guy OOC and a total jerk IC. hehe

I look forward to meeting Low-Z... *grins*

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