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So a simple question, or at least I believe it is!


Say I walk into a tavern with other role players and I make simple conversation about the weather. Is it safe for me to say things such as, "It is a bit chilly today." or would it be considered a topic not to talk about? Other people might have walked in and said, "It is hot today!".


Now, I understand certain places such as Ul'dump is hot, so it is safe to assume EVERY day there is hot. Do the seasons visibly change as the actual year goes by? When it is December, will more snow fall or anything?

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In my personal experience, it's just something I've kind of..run with, I guess.


I don't USUALLY say anything myself, unless someone else says it first. IE: I leave the weather kind of just out of it until someone else says it's chilly, and then I'd be like "Wow yeah totally."


I think it's just really subjective between each player.

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Funny thing is, ask two people how they feel about the current temperature and you are likely to get a couple different answers. So unless you are saying, "Man, that blizzard outside is harsh." and it's not even snowing, you could probably get away with some comments about it. Like said above, I usually don't mention it unless others do, then I just play along. This kinda goes into that question of, if it's daytime in-game and the RP session lasts three in-game days, then how do you comment on the time of day in RP? Would be cool if we had some kind of temperature gauge in-game, though.

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As Hyunseo said, the devs have said they want to expand the weather over time, so that'll be something to discuss.


Personally, in RP, I stick with talking about whatever's actually happening in game (rain, snow, etc.) or generalities that you can logically extrapolate from the setting. For instance, since Ul'dah is in a desert, you can assume it has wild temperature swings with blistering days and cool, or even cold, nights. Limsa Lominsa has a sea breeze that should keep its weather fairly mild. Gridania has a lot of water and vegetation, so it's probably relatively humid.


I have seen some RPers RP seasons based on the seasons of the server's area (so an NA/EU server would assume the world follows Northern Hemisphere seasons), but I'm not a big fan of that.

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