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Hello, Greetings and Salutations. I was recently directed here by a friend with common intresst in roleplaying. And though i should introduce myself.

Im a 20 year old guy from Sweden with a intresst in gaming and to some extent, computers.

And i wish to appologise for any spelling or grammar misstakes in the post, Some days im just horrible.



--MMORPG background

Well i have alittle list of mmo's i played mostly p2p and some f2p (probably don't remember most ive tested or played for a shorter period of time.

World of Warcraft

Starwars: The old republic

Starwars Galaxies

Lord of the rings: Online

Final Fantasy: XI

Age of conan

Dungeons and dragons (forgot if this was the title of the game)


Startrek Online

Guildwars 2



The secret world

Everquest 1&2

If i was to list the f2p mmo's i have played or tester then list would be quite much longer, And i might've forgot some p2p. So don't hold that against me.



--RP experience

Well to start off i think i should say that i started Roleplaying about 7-8 years ago in Starwars: Jedi academy in a cozy little rp community ive long since forgot the name off. But unto games ive roleplayed in perhaps? Yes. Mostly gona list the Mmo's ive rped in. Since i believe that might be of more importance.


World of Warcraft




Guildwars 2





I belive that is it in Rp mmo experience.


--Character ideas/info



Well i havn't thought very far yet outside of a possible origin story if one wishes to call it this.

(Its not final merely a likely scenario, Do leave an input if it seems unlikely or clash with something)

My character grew up in a smaller village surrounding Ul'dah. His family was not a rich family neither were they starving they lived day to day through fishing and sold the little overflow at the market in Ul'dah on the second last day of the week. Here he meets a fellow youngster which he develops a friendship with. (havn't really worked out more than this, but i guess it will be nothing special, growing yp dreaming of greatness and eventually leaves with the said friend)



Might aswell state the most likely name etc

Name: Lorric Wright

Gender: Male

Race(?)(I do appologise if this is the incorrect word for the different beings): Hyur

Age: 20

Skin Colour: Tanned

Eye colour: Blue (probably Ligher blue)

Hair Colour: White or annother light colour (might change)

Height: Slightly above Average

Build: Muscular, no body fat.



Might change this as i said but its likely.


--How did you learn about the coalition?



From a fellow friend and Roleplayer


--What kind of a role-player are you aiming to be? Light, medium, or heavy?



High Medium or Low heavy i guess since i do have some intresst in endgame aswell.


--Anything from real life you're comfortable with sharing? (Work, school, hobbies, etc)

Right, Not gona share my whole life just some Hobbies and such

As i mentioned above i got intresst in Gaming, Computers and obviously Roleplaying.'

Outside of my computer life i enjoy spending time with friends and at the Gym i also Practise tennis once a week.



As for my school/work life i wont share anything.



Well i believe that is enough for a introduction i applaude and thank if you've read this far and hope to meet you all, make friends with some of you, and that've made a possitive first impression.



P.S: Forgot to mention i will make my character on Balmung.




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/takes a bow after reading everything.


I was about to say "What, no guildwars(2)!?" on your first list, but it popped up on the second. 'Cause I mean really, if you're going to play everything under the sun, ought to include that, right? : P Welcome to the wonderful world of FFXIV now! Please enjoy your stay and let us know if we can be of assistance or check out our painstakingly prepared guides.

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Haha, Thanks for the warm welcome so far. Really looking forward to getting to rping ingame.


As for Guildwars. Always wanted to go about trying it but never really got around actually doing it. Seemed so massive with first the original game then all them expansions or standalone stories or what you not wish to call them.



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