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*waves* Hello everyone! Having been accepted into the beta and getting some time with the game, I was more than surprised by how smooth everything is now, having heard so much negative from 1.0.


After two days of play, I decided to preorder the game, and started hunting for an RP group to potentially join, and, wouldn't you know it, here you are! I've been out of the RP loop for nearly a year now, and the itch has hit me bad. RP'd for nearly 8 years in WoW, since launch in SWTOR, a bit in both RIFT and TERA, a few years in City of Heroes(R.I.P.) and Champions, as well as countless hours at the table playing tabletop.


Knowing there is a community this large that RPs is, to be honest, exciting. I'm looking forward very much to meeting some new faces! I'm currently working on a write up for my character, which will be posted up when it is 'done'.

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