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[Poll] RPC -- Who are we?


Accept this proposal as it is?  

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  1. 1. Accept this proposal as it is?

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Okay guys. Time for the official vote. Please cast your ballot on the above poll of whether you want to accept this as is or reject it and discuss it anew. If it is accepted as is, it will be placed on the main site and linked via these forums. If rejected, we will have to go through another round of discussions and repeat the process. Please keep in mind that it can be modified later down the line in the same manner as now. We will probably reexamine the entire thing right before the game launches. But for now, we need something to help define us.



RPC -- Who are we?


* = The word âguildâ will be replaced with whatever SE ends up calling them.


I. Definition: The Roleplaying Coalition (RPC) is a group of roleplayers for the Final Fantasy XIV MMORPG. The coalition consists of various roleplay guilds*, supporters of roleplay, and freelance roleplayers. All of these groups are committed to making a prosperous roleplay community in the world of Hydaelyn.


II. Structure: The RPC is comprised of various guilds*. Each group is allowed to select up to 2 representatives for the RPC who will in turn serve on the RPC Council. Guilds* may select these individuals any way they wish. These representatives will serve as the face of the RPC and provide general updates of their group every few months or so. Guilds* may replace their own representatives at any time and through any methods they deem appropriate. The RPC must be notified of this change immediately via the Assembly Room, although specific details as to why they are replaced are not necessary.


The RPC Council may call a meeting of all representatives at any time if representatives from at least two different guilds* call for the meeting. These meetings are meant primarily to determine if an issue should be brought before the entire RPC or remain as a guild* only concern. If anything is brought to the entire RPC, a public discussion must be held on the matter and then a public vote regarding the RPCâs official stance will be held.


III. Purposes:


A) To provide a central hub for all FFXIV roleplayers to gather, communicate, and share with one another. The RPC provides an outlet for roleplayers and acts as a resource for lore, character info, and other RP related needs.


B) To provide a central location for roleplay guild* advertisement. All member guilds will be advertised on the main site and have further information compiled on the forums regarding their rules, structure, and other important information.


C) To select a designated roleplaying server. This server will be voted on by all coalition members upon receiving a server list. In the event that SE designates an official RP server, this vote will not be necessary unless more than one such server is designated. This particular mission statement will be removed upon getting ourselves organized on the designated server.


D) To create and advertise cross-guild* and/or public roleplay related events. Each event will follow the rules set forth by the event organizers. These rules will be organized in a central location on the forums for easy access.


E) To create and maintain etiquette for roleplaying in Hydaelyn. This etiquette is not enforced in any way and is meant to be more of a guide for all roleplayers to consider. All of these guides will be discussed and voted on by the RPC before being placed on the main site.


F) To act as a mediator in guild* conflict only when absolutely necessary for the continuation of the overall roleplay community. If the RPC representatives deem it necessary by majority vote, the issue in question can be brought up for public discussion and then a public vote. Generally, all guilds* are asked to handle conflicts between one another with each other rather than bringing it to the RPC. If this conflict begins to encroach the entire roleplay community in a negative fashion, the RPC may have to step in for the sake of the communityâs well being. Extreme cases of cross-guild griefing, harassment, godmode, and so on may warrant RPC intervention.


The process for handling the above is as follows: First, at least two representatives from two different guilds must approach the rest of the RPC Council. They will then discuss the issue and whether it warrants RPC intervention or not. If it does not, it will be dropped there. If the Council does agree to RPC intervention, the issue will be brought to the general RPC public, discussed, and ultimately voted on. The length of time and number of votes required to take the issue to the public will be decided on a case-by-case basis, depending on the number of active RPC representatives available at the time.


G) To act as a liaison between the roleplay community and the general public, as well as a liaison between the roleplay community and Square Enix.


IV. Abilities: The RPC has the abilities to manage this site and the forums for the coalition. Please review the RPC Charter on the forums (Headlines) for further details on rules of posting and other concerns. The RPC also has the power to drop support of a guild* if said guild* is causing direct damage to the entire roleplay community. See III-F for further details on the process.


V. Acceptance into the RPC: In order for a guild* to be accepted into the RPC, the following criteria must be met.

1. The guild* must have some form of RP element to it.

2. The guild* must consist of at least 3 members.

3. The guild* must have clearance by the RPC (such as not attempting to smear the reputation of the overall roleplay community).


Freelance roleplayers and general supporters of roleplay are not subject to this criteria, though they are also expected to act in a respectful manner.

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Voted yes, on the condition that the possibility of re-wording it a bit before the game launches be left open. It might seem trivial compared to the actual rules and conditions, but sometimes what you say is less important than how you say it. Everything else looks good enough to go.

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Bump. Only about 2 days left until the poll closes. It's obviously going to pass. I was hoping for a larger voter turnout on our first major issue though, if only for the symbolism behind it. 15/67 isn't really a lot >.>. But if we don't get any additional votes, we'll just have to live with it.

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If I remember correctly, it's always been that way. Voter turnout was pretty low for things like council elections in XI as well if I'm not mistaken.


I guess in-game democracy resembles real life American democracy, lol.

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Poll is closed. Charter is now posted on the main site here: http://ff14-rp.webs.com/charter.htm


We managed to increase voter turnout to about 37% from the 25% it was sitting at, which is a bit better. I personally was hoping for 50% but 37 isn't too bad I suppose.


Chances are we'll end up reexamining this right before the game launches and make any necessary tweaks then.

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Rather than make a new thread entirely, I'll just post this quick message here instead.


I've been hearing that people are asking "what now?" Now that our structure is in place, you guys can bring your own big discussions here for our etiquette section. Every guide we create will require a discussion and vote just like this, though I doubt the topics will be as wildly popular as this one was. The current etiquette categories on the main site are good places to start, though not all of them may need a guide and other stuff may be added over time. Just try to not to start more than 1-2 major discussions for each topic at once. Not only do we not want to overwhelm everyone, but we also want to spread out everything over these next few long months leading up to FF14's launch. Otherwise, we may run out of things to talk about before the game is even here ;)

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