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Looking for new friends for grand adventures!

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Hey there everyone! My name is Jeff, or you can call me Destro.


I'm new to roleplaying and I'd like to give it a try. I've been playing for about two years now and at first everything was magical. I had a few real life buddies running he game with me and I went through Shadowbringers with a fire that wasn't inside me since I was deep into WoW. Yet now most of my irl friends left the game, and I find myself playing alone often, rarely chatting in an FC that doesn't have much chatting activity and it makes me sad.


I found this site while on FFXIV's reddit page and figured, you know what! Let's give a go! So here I am and here are some details about myself and my in game self, Destro Zultan.


About myself: My name is Jeff, a 30 year old male, from the West Coast of USA. I play on Primal in Zalera. I have a cute lil corgi and I make my current living as a chef while going to school and about to earn my Bachelors in Communication and eventually my Masters in Public Relations.


About Destro:

Destro grew up in Ul'dah, training to be Paladin, he is a lean built Miqo'te standing at 5'6" who has a kind heart and cares deeply for his friends. He'll always try and solve his problems with his words before he has to get down and dirty. He currently roams the lands often alone. He meets many people during his travels and doesn't really have a place he does call home anymore and don't really have any real connections with anyone. This lonely lifestyle makes him closed off to others as he doesn't really trust anyone entirely. When he isn't off doing missions he likes to sit at a pub drinking some ales or taking a boat onto the ocean and just drifting away basking in the sun.


I hope you guys enjoyed my intro! Feel free to message me!


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