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Hello! I'm a little lost, but eager to start a new tale!

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Thank you for stopping by! Whilst you are here, perhaps you can hear me out?


I have been playing for roughly a month. I originally planned to play with a German friend of mine on Shiva, but unfortunately, I am having a very difficult time. Sense I live in NA, I desided I wanted to play on Crystal DC. I actually played 1.0 a little bit on Balmung, but I lost that account some time ago. So, I want to return to it, had a plan to play a Miqo'te, took me maybe 6 hours in character creation, much of which I used to make my name, originally, I wanted to use my name.. Olivia, but obviously that just didn't feel right. So after some trial and pronunciations, I came up with "Via" as a given name, and after trying to fit it phonetically, I liked, "K'via" I searched through male names, in search of a sire name I liked to match, and made off with "Shikhu" before finalizing, I asked myself; "Wait, what is a Hipparion?"

So... I found a wiki, which ended up bringing me here.. SO. I canceled my character and I am now putting it on hold as I DO want to try and role play with people, I also don't want to disrupt what the community has already created. I want to join Balmung, and I want to do so with role playing in mind. So, I am going to be here, and try to actively find any and all the info I can so I don't cause offense.

Any...and all help would be very welcome. I am new to ffxiv, and newer still to role-play in mmos, but I really want to start. I want to do it correctly.


Thank you very much for your time ❤️

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Thank you for the response, I've been looking through a lot of "getting started" guides for role play. I found there is much more for me to learn. I think for the time being, I will be joining my chosen server to experience the game's story, before forging my own. As I lack the community to have more isolated discussions with people at this time, maybe I will first find friends, and ease into RP better prepared. I've been a bit ill, last few days. and found myself acting without enough thought. I don't know if it is related, but I digress.


I will be transferring my character tonight, and maybe I will meet some people whom will offer me a pace I can enjoy. That being said, I appreciate the role playing community, and maybe one day will become a part of it. for now, I will be an admirer as I prepare myself for an exciting future.

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