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And here, I enter

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Hey, ya'll.


Totally completely new to Final Fantasy and ARR here, but not at all new to roleplay. I got a beta invite and poked around at a friend's behest, and I'm kind of hooked on this game, primarily due to its RP potential.


And that's why I'm here - I'm a crazy dedicated roleplayer, and I'm trying to figure out where all the other roleplayers are in this strange new world! I'm coming here from TERA, where I've been enjoying just about the best RP I've ever had, but I've also roleplayed quite heavily in Aion, Rift, and WoW for a number of years, and in the latter I still assist in moderating the Ravenholdt RP Sanctum. One of my favorite parts about an MMO is the community, so I very much hope to sink my teeth into this one just as much as I have my previous communities.


In addition to roleplay, I enjoy science, teaching science, and speaking my mind. Sometimes this can result in an unfortunate singularity, as speaking my mind necessitates a conjoining of the many folds of space and time across innumerable universes. If you happen to get caught up in one of these, please accept my humblest apologies. Life as a trans-dimensional being is hard.


I've got one point of confusion, however: I'm not really sure where the roleplayers are! Friends from the TERA RP community directed me to the beta server Gilgamesh, which is where I've been the past several weekends, but I've heard that everyone's actually somewhere else? I don't even know. It's quite confusing. Not that it's a big deal because it's beta, but it would be nice to figure out!

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Hey! Welcome to the RPC~


To answer the server question, the majority of the RPC is on the legacy server Balmung. However! During the first weeks of Phase 3 Beta, new players couldn't create on legacy servers, so in order for the 1.0 players to play with the 2.0, a number of the 1.0s created on a non-legacy server: Gilgamesh. This is only for phase three beta, though! Most of us will be rolling on/continue existing on Balmung. Some of the newer players don't wish to roll on a legacy server, though and we'll actually be holding a poll to chose their new server today.


With THAT out of the way, let me say welcome again and give you the schpiel! We like questions! If you have any, please don't hesitate to ask or check out our handy dandy guides :).

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Haha I recognize Naunet from Tera. Though I never rp'd with you, your deluge of forum rp was quite impressive! I can also attest to the fact that you speak your mind. However, you have also been very receptive and respectful to others speaking theirs. Which is the way a lot of people here are :)



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Welcome and bless the teachers for they are the ones who shape those who shall lead us!


Glad to have you aboard!


We would love to hear your character ideas!


Jump right in, despite 95% of the RP popultation's tendenacies to bite strangers, there is nothing to be affraid of!

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Haha I recognize Naunet from Tera. Though I never rp'd with you, your deluge of forum rp was quite impressive!

I shall apologize ahead of time, as I will likely be doing this again for ARR! Just can't help myself. Spent the last half of this past Saturday roleplaying with friends to start getting a handle on my to-be-primary character and had a blast. :3 This game is positively dripping with awesome world construction and lore.


Which means I also have a lot of reading to do...

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