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I guess a good day to you all

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Hallo, I am trying to take roleplaying a bit more serious again and thought why not try and do it on my favourite online game. Seeing as the community is largely alive and the RP servers are heavily used. I am not new to roleplaying as a rule of thumb, I have been doing this for years now. Written fanfictions, short stories or created worlds for people to use.  I started playing FFXIV way back in 1.0 but at the time wasn't very receptive to the game so it took me till Heavensward to really immerse myself into it and have been playing almost nonstop since. I have also transferred my main character to Balmung. 


Started out as a Miqo'te which to this day I have as my main character. A conjurer and troublemaker with a heart of gold. I have yet to learn the general rule of thumbs in FFXIV rp's as I usually prefer to RP over discord or other chat options, ingame I haven't had the chance to do so yet. I learn crazy fast, which is why after a weekend of binge reading lore, races, classes and such origins I am already very confident in my ability to tell most things apart and can at least pride myself with a little bit of knowledge on the broad stroke of things.


What I would like to know, what are some finer points I should pay attention to? I haven't done any walk-ups yet as I am always a bit shy to be the first to ask a person. Do people prefer IIC approaches or OOC? Are there any sections I should be careful about that aren't as LGBTQ+ friendly, as I am gay and not shy to express that. Are there any unspoken rules that usually go on in places like Ul'dah seeing as it is the biggest Hub for people to meet and find new faces? Will we ever get to say no in a quest and skip the fetch part of it? 


Uhm I guess, I am looking forward to being here. Hopefully I can find what I am looking for and won't be just another lurker in the shadows. 


For those who are interest here is the carrd of my character https://yinra.carrd.co/

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Hey there, Yin'ra!


Welcome to the FFXIV roleplaying community!  If you need some lore help, I heartily recommend Sounsyy Mirke's Lore Compilations for further reading. 


That said, you'll likely get a variety of answers, depending on who you ask.  I generally advise using common sense and courtesy when dealing with other people and roleplay.  If you aren't certain on how to approach someone IC, then send them a tell privately OOC and see if you can arrange something.  If they aren't open to chatting with you OOC or the idea of you joining in their scene, then you're likely better off moving on to someone more receptive.  The FFXIV community, in general, seems pretty accepting of LGBTQ+ these days, but undoubtedly there are corners of the world you'll want to avoid.  I, myself, can't tell you where or what they are, but I'm sure there are those who can share those experiences.


Unspoken rules for Ul'dah?  The Quicksand will always be at least 50% ERP requests, though your mileage may vary.  XD  

And no.  You must do every fetch quest, forever, now that you've asked the Unaskable Question.  RIP, you.


I look forward to seeing you in-game!  ^_^

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Hello there, Yin'ra, welcome! :D

The FFXIV RP community isn't too different from any other. You just need a basic idea of the lore, basic RP etiquette, and just treat others respectfully and you're set! Most people are receptive to either an IC or OOC approach, but if you're unsure, you can ask them OOC to see if they're available to RP with you. The RP community here is typically LGBTQ+ friendly and you'll probably find more who fit under the umbrella than don't, though of course there's still some bad eggs here and there. As Gospel mentioned, the Quicksand on Balmung at least tends to veer toward ERP, OOC chatter, and trolling now more than ever, but Pearl Lane just outside it usually has folks looking for other RP.

And sorry, we're stuck in fetch quest hell forever!

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