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New popoto player looking for partners

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Hey all, Constanze (or Con) here! I've been playing final fantasy for a bout a year now but have been roleplaying for a few years now. In that time I have been thinking about trying to break into the roleplaying scene, so here I am. I play a Lalafell from Ishgard with a matching name. I'm looking to try and get into in-game rp, but I'm more familiar with discord rp so either is fine with me.

If you don't have the time to read it, some basic information is that he's colorblind, more of a silent type, and quite cold to other due to his troubled past. Maybe he just needs some friends to melt his heart? For more information on him as a whole, check out the carrd linked Here.

I currently play on sargatanas and I'm pretty active throughout the day, but if you aren't able to catch me for some reason, my discord is Constanze#5444. 

Hope to meet some of you soon!


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I'm new to FF and love your lalafell already :)

Perhap we can get something going sometime once I've understood this game a little more ^^;

Sorry in advance for any explaining you may have to go through with me! 😅

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