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The Emerald Enclave <Druid> is recruiting

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The Emerald Enclave is a role-playing Free Company and cross world linkshell in ffxiv based on the world of Mateus on the crystal datacentre. We are a medium rp community with an emphasis on the spiritual, occult, and environmental themes surrounding the Twelveswood while also taking inspiration from Druidry and other nature-themed rp seen in fantasy settings. At the moment, the community is roughly ten months old and looking for dedicated members to help it grow.

In- character, The Emerald Enclave is a vigilante environmental organisation that works outside of the jurisdiction of the Stillglade Fane and the Twin Adders whose goal is to protect and maintain the natural balance of the Black Shroud. The organisation consists of two sides- the druids, priests, and priestesses of nature who are worshippers of the twelve, putting a special focus on Nophica, the elementals, and other spirits of nature, and the Guardians, the martial force of the Emerald Enclave who help protect the Black Shroud and members of the Enclave with their martial finesse.

The Emerald Enclave operates out of Emerald Grove, a grove buried deep in the East Shroud. Anyone who wishes to protect the forests of the Black Shroud and who is comfortable working outside the jurisdiction of the Stillglade Fane and the Twin adders to protect the Black Shroud is welcome to join the enclave. Likewise, the enclave offers healing and sanctuary to anyone in need as long as they obey the laws of the circle.

The fc is mostly active during EST prime time up until the late hours of the morning. We have a large house in the lavender beds that icly located in the Emerald Enclaves grove deep in the East Shroud and the house serves as a temple to Nophica. RP nights will take place once a week to help members keep in contact and work on creating long-term bonds together.


Interested in learning more or joining us? Read on at our carrd here or contact Aife on discord at Aife#6195.

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