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A gentle breeze rolls across the path in front of you, carrying a tattered flyer on its draft. If picked up, the worn parchment would read rather eloquently given the contents of the writing.


Grim Dealings


A small mercenary type of business that's been licensed by the Adventurer's Guild and operates all over Eorzea but is based out of Gridania at the moment. The group primarily specializes in Bounty Hunting but offers a few other services as well.


  • Bodyguard/Protection
  • Monster Hunting
  • Treasure Hunting


The group can even be hired on for jobs outside of their specialties, one off type jobs, short term contracts and even long term contracts, depending on the needs of the client and how much they're willing to pay. They can be contacted via Linkshell or in person at their office in Gridania.


OOC Info: Linkshell can be considered contact made through the website here, Discord or even /tells in game. Their office is actually in Gridania and that info is in the linked Carrd above. This is just something that we do on the side for fun so if you have any concerns, ideas or questions, please don't hesitate to reach out. We're both pretty easy going, open to discussion and love to generate fun content and stories for our characters and perhaps yours as well.

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Had to change the Carrd attached to the Grim Dealings link.
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