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Returning 1.0 account+ARR pre-order Q

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I'm planning on returning with my 1.0 account/character and once I saw the lovely CE of ARR I just had to order for the physical goodies(I had the original 1.0 boxed CE so i knew i was getting the digital items but i wanted that lovely artbook and such as well)


I'm assuming that I'll simply have to register the key of the ARR CE to my current account and be good to go? I'm figuring yes as most games tend to work like that but I figured id get verification just in case, i definitely want to return with my original account but want to make sure i get everything from the ARR Collectors edition set tied to my account properly.


Note: Sorry in advance if this was discussed somewhere in the forums and i overlooked it as i'm sure its quite possible

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If you already have a 1.0 PC version code registered on your account, you CANNOT register a 2.0 PC version code on that same account. Instead, you can either register your 2.0 code to a new account, or exchange your ARR CE pre-order for a PS3 CE pre-order, which you CAN attach to the same account (and would allow you to play on both platforms, though not at the same time).


However, since you already own the 1.0 CE, that account will get the ARR CE digital items for free. So, registering the ARR CE code actually doesn't do much for you (aside from getting 30 more days of free gametime, I guess).


It's really, really confusing, unfortunately, but I'm in the same situation as you. I'm just getting the ARR CE for the physical goods, and may end up just keeping the key in the box in the end.


SE has a long-running thread about it on the beta forums here that's clear as mud: http://forum.square-enix.com/ARR-Test/threads/34392-FINAL-FANTASY-XIV-A-Realm-Reborn-Purchase-Questions

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Ah, thinking about it after u replied I guess i DONT need the code, lol but like u I wanted the physical goods even knowing i got the digital ones for free.


Thats right, we could play on both platforms off one account, i had kind of forgotten about that since i planned to just play it on pc ne way(especially since im treating my rig to a nice shiny new vid card fo further enhance my enjoyment of ARR lol)



Guess I'll just leave the pre purchase as is then. Not sure if its beneficial to me to get it swapped to the ps3 version yet or not, least I got a little time to think on it though.


Thanks for the reply!

Sadly i never moved fast enough to register my beta invite code and its no longer usable so i can't get into the beta forums.


edit: Ah yea, i had also wanted to get the pre order for the early access lol. Even if its just one day I do so love getting in a bit early for my gaming, especially now that i'm working again, time isnt as plentiful during the week heh

I wonder if I'd make use out of having the option to play on both platforms.. game on the pc by day, come evening relax time, switch out to the ps3 and the 40" tv and kick back.. hmm


EDIT2: Solved, i just grabbed a ps3 CE pre order earlier, figure i'll get the most usage for the $ this way and gives them a bit more $ toward the game

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Im not sure, I had the impression the early access came with the pre orders of the current or the legacy folks maybe, sadly Im not sure since i missed out on the timing for the Legacy stuff, but i wanted all the physical art goodness in the ARR Collectors so I had to get a pre order down on that.

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I bought a copy of CE: FFXIV back when it was first released and got to level 15 in a few jobs before I stopped playing. I'm guessing I don't qualify for early access?


Early Access is for preorders of ARR and for 1.0 Legacy accounts. If Legacy access is enabled on your account then you qualify. Based on what you've said here, I'm guessing probably not. What you will receive for having a 1.0 CE is all of the in-game content that comes with the 2.0 CE without any purchase required. To the best of my knowledge, even Legacy accounts must pre-order a PS3 game in order to qualify for the in-game preorder bonuses, though they do qualify for Early Access automatically.

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