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Chibi your character, Tektek style

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On Topic:  These all look great!  I like how you fixed the eyes, Aysun!! ^_^


Eva, if you want time-consuming, try associating TV Tropes with your character. :P


Been there, done that, got the t-shirt.  Spent several hours one day going through and finding a bunch that worked.  Our LS has a thread dedicated to doing/tracking these, but only a few have endured that timesink.  :dazed:


It's off-topic for this thread, but I copied/pasted if you're interested at all.  I suppose a thread here could be created if it hasn't already been yet but I don't want to be the one to make it (and thus be responsible for wasting days of RPers' lives, collectively). But here... Proof:





Big Breasts, Big Deal - Eva falls primarily under the 'embarrassment' or 'resentment' subcategories

Hidden Buxom - yeah let's get this boob stuff out of the way now

Reluctant Fanservice Girl

Hello Nurse - yeah...

Hot Librarian - back at the book shoppe

Beautiful All Along - sort of

Weight Woe - she still wrestles with it in her mind

Real Women Have Curves

Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold

Broken Bird

Iron Woobie

Nice Guy Girl

Interrupted Declaration of Love - for Vaelyn at the end of 1.0

Romancing The Widow

Love Hurts - Pemmy, Oskar... /lesigh

You Can't Fight Fate

The Fatalist

The Anti-Nihilist

You Are Not Alone

Weakness Turns Her On

Pitbull Dates Puppy - Oskar/Eva dynamic, sort of

Opposites Attract - more of the Oskar/Eva thing

Her Heart Will Go On

Someone To Remember Him By - Oskar Jr. x2?

But I Can't Be Pregnant - apparently supposedly-barren women getting pregnant is a trope too







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