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Hello hello! + rp scene on the servers

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Oh gosh I made an account and then promptly forgot about it, so belated hello on my end :D 


I've been playing various mmo's for YEARS as I've always just loved their focused fantasy angle but also the social aspect of teaming up with other players to tackle monsters and dungeons! Before ffxiv I played Tera online all the time with a little bit of Guild Wars thrown in, but now I've pretty much only been playing ffxiv the last year what with the current health climate and all aaaaa. 


rp wise I used to do that on Gaia online back in the day (yeah, I know xD) as well as with good ol' DnD; honestly the thing that's appealed to me the most has been character writing and interaction; ffxiv is such a unique place for rp in such a rich and storied setting!! It's let me write all sorts of background and scenarios for the few characters I've made, and gaming aspect aside the rp is really fun as well!


Leading into the second question though, I've been playing a year and have only touched on the rp scene maybe the last few months, but unfortunately the first fc I was invited into turned into a pretty sour experience. Stuff happens I know; but Mateus feels a bit overwhelming at times xD as such, what's the rp scene like on the other servers? Mateus and Balmung are a given, but I'm curious if there's a more casual scene for rpers who also don't mind some gaming content here and there as well!


Thanks folks, look forward to hanging out!

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Hello there, welcome! :) The other servers on the Crystal Data Center are typically more casual when it comes to RP than Balmung and Mateus.

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