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New player *waves hello*

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Hello! I'm a new player to both the game and the Final Fantasy franchise so I'm slowly wading through it on a trial account. Everyone I've come across so far has been super-nice, so it fees like a community I'd like to get more involved with. I went looking on-line for rp information, and hence ended up here.


I've played way too many mmorpg's in general, starting with AO many years ago. The ones I've done the most RPing in have been: Anarchy Online, Vanguard: Saga of Heroes (a game now long gone), Age of Conan, Lord of the Rings Online, The Secret World, and WoW (originally on Earthen Ring, then on WrA when that opened up.) If you want a character list, just poke me...maybe we've meet before!


Most of my RP experience is mmorpg based as I love the story potential different worlds offer. I enjoy creating new characters to fit into the boundaries and setting each game provides, so I tend not to reuse my toons directly. I usually stick to being in-character, and lean towards letting my characters develop through interactions. Right now, I'm dabbling around with a wandering Duskwight crafter. (See: nbeaulieu.carrd.co) I'm also a very visual person, and far more inclined to use what you see / where you are in-game for appearance / setting instead of typing out detailed paragraphs. 


I'm looking to meet a few people to slowly build up long-term character relationships with. I prefer to let interactions develop naturally, and so rp will determine what kind of relationship they will have and how long it lasts. New best friend for life or a short-term business acquaintance? Maybe a life long nemesis, or better yet a frenemy (those are fun!)? Only time (and RP) will tell!


In real-life, I'm a graphic designer and illustrator by profession. For fun, outside of gaming, I like making stuff - bookbinding, sewing, woodworking, weaving and so on. I'm too much of an introvert to brave a D&D game, but I have done a tiny bit of larping...why? because I loved making the costumes. So you can guess crafting and collecting glamours is a go-to activity for me. 

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