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Cy here, just looking to RP and make friends!

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Hello, my name is Cy or Autumn, which ever works best for y'all. I'm a new play of Final Fantasy but I've been playing MMORPG's since I was around 18. I had a WoW account up until the most recent expansion and I've played Guild Wars 2, and ESO. I enjoy them all but was looking for somethign new. So here I am. 

When it comes to RP I've been roleplaying since I was 14 on various webs sites in Text/Para/Novella style. I only started RPing in MMO's when I got into WoW and am now looking to for FFXIV as well. 😄

I'm not super familiar with the lore and have only just created my first character as of yesterday. I would love to devlope them more once I learn more about the lore. I would also be open to making a character in the more active rp servers listed in this forum. If anyone would like friend to develope a character with I would love too! I'm a heavy Roleplayer to my standards but not to others, mostly if someone sets the pace that's where I'll be with it and I'm so excited to start!


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