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[Excalibur | FC] Alstead's Found <Found> Now rescuing and rehabilitating the lost adventurers of Eorzea!

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Free Company Name: Alstead's Found

Free Company Tag: Found

In-Game Contact: Mikhail Arulaq

Discord Contact: Defiled Faun#1312

FC Workshop: Lavender Beds W5 P50

Alignment: Lawful Good

Carrd: https://alsteadlodge.carrd.co/#

IC Information:

Alstead's Found is a company founded on the ideal of providing aid to adventurers at the end of their rope. Its ranks are populated mostly by xaela and those of eastern descent. The services they provide range from recovering lost companions from the field, tending to the wounded, providing a refuge for those recovering from the traumas and losses in their journeys as well as opening the door for adventurers to retire and reassimilate to civilian life.

Due to the nature of our company, the services we offer can be separated into three distinct categories.

Rescue | Rehabilitation | Hospitality

OOC Information:

Our group is founded by a queer person of color, as such we strive to produce an open and welcoming environment.
This in mind, we are host to a variety of people, most of whom are LGBT+, thus we will not tolerate bigotry, hatred, or any bad faith activity.
Due to the nature of the themes and topics used within our stories, we will not accept users who are below the age of 18.
Our goal is to provide an LGBT+ and BIPOC friendly space for users!
Ultimately we want to inspire character development and stories on Excalibur within RP spaces! Members are encouraged to pursue personal plots as well as take part in the FC's journey!

No interview is necessary to join! Be sure to check our carrd for an up to date link to join our Discord!

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Update February 2022!



Let it be known that we've been busy! After a brief hiatus in 2021, we've come back stronger than ever with the foundation for a community who looks out for eachother and uplifts eachother! We've grown in game and out of game with wonderful players and storytellers!


Our plot is slowly going, but rolling as we refine our processes and roles!

I'm still learning about managing a group and will do my best to keep tabs on the forum in the meantime!

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