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New to FF; Want to get into RPing.

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How's it going folks? I've started a character that I'm pretty invested in on Diabolos, but I'm hearing other servers may be better for RP?

I wanna get involved with a community but don't know where to look or start.
Should I just make a new character on Balmung?

Looking for any insight into getting started i can get!

[Prefer 18+ communities.]

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Mateus and Balmung are two of the largest rp servers on crystal!  If you are still considering jumping servers, those are your best bet.  However, there is also the server visit function, so you don't necessarily need to start over!

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Server visit might still be a better option. I intend to play the game pretty focused on working through MSQ and stuff to get to end game.
But, in my downtime, it'd be nice to have an actual 'social' layer to the world.

How does one 'get into' RP on Balmung/Mateus?

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^Everyone has their own ways.  I tend to look at carrds in people's search info and if it catches my eye, I see if they're available for rp.  I have more success that way, than any other way.

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Most people with their rp tag on are fair game if they're sitting around.  It's always good to check search info since people will put preferences there.  like WU, walk ups, or /T, tells, that kind of stuff.

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Hello there, Vinos, welcome! :D The only way your choice of server will really limit you is in terms of the FC's you can join. Diabolos may not have as many options in RP FC's as Balmung or Mateus. Otherwise, you can just server visit to enjoy RP anywhere on the Crystal Data Center!

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