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Hi there, name's Gary.


That's a lie of course, my deepest apologies. I haven't the slightest idea on the kind of character I'd like to play yet, so you'll have to forgive me if I change this thing closer to release. Although I suppose you don't have to. Can you imagine how sick a world where everyone forgives each other on a whim would be? Blech! Perish the thought.


But yeah, Gary's played a few MMOs before this one. The Final Fantasy's aren't on his list, unfortunately. World of Warcraft and the Guild Wars duo being in bolded print instead. Perhaps Tera and the myriad other Korean games as well, though Gary didn't like those games too much. The collective communities apparently didn't appreciate him talking in the third person, you see. Said it gave them a rash or something, pfft. Beats me why they'd- oops.


Moving on, I'd like to give a shout-out to the ever-omnipotent, utterly-omniscient search engine that is Google for guiding me to this lovely site. Without them, I would surely still be scrounging around for scraps of information like the lowly plebe that I am. They are most definitely not monitoring my every keystroke right now, and any notions of such a thing are to be eliminated at the source post-haste (help me).


Not going down the list of topics I haven't covered, from a thread I 100% didn't copy-paste it from, I'd have to consider myself a medium roleplayer where it counts. I admire the heavy playstyle, respect canon lore, and would consider myself a heavy roleplayer if I could. However, I find my concentration on this activity drifts off a little too often to consider myself such. It is not my primary reason for playing the game. I love it best when it supplements all other aspects.



Last but not least, I like art. There being a section for this puts a smile on my face.



Thanks for stopping by my thread!

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Welcome and can't wait to see your character ideas!



Never feel uneasy about asking us anything you might wanna know or need help with.  That is what we are here for!


And now that I have said never it is pro ally best never to say never again.....


Sorry I had to.....Be not afraid though for these will be no lasers to the groin in this group!

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Hi Gary, this is Magellan.


Magellan's welcomed a few newcomers before, read a few threads here and there; ignored others when there just wasn't the time to click on every single one of them... you seem a man of refined tastes, Gary. I'm sure you can appreciate the need to spend some quality time clicking and reading threads on sites other than the RPC. Though if you happen to come across a forums page on my site history dealing with alpaca breeding to create a spitting, woolly, super-race of Camelidae (I bet you're wondering if Magellan used Google for that); I assure you that was my cat. She likes to sleep on the laptop you see.


But, I digress. The point is, ah, perhaps I ought to wait a moment for you to gather pencil and paper, to take some notes. Run along then, Magellan is patient.


You've returned? Ah, good. The point is that you've found yourself amongst good company here. While not everyone seems to possess the excess savior-faire as yours and I truly, you can rest easy knowing that it does exist, and that many here would be more than willing to sacrifice the chance of developing a rash, to RP with you.


May your stay here be a peaceful one.

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