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A mercenaries job

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A little too much spirit for madam koi koi


Traveling to an academy within the goblet as night approaches andras dressed in his usual dark apparel and iron cuffs yawns a bit mumbling to himself seemingly and then looking a bit annoyed. Upon arriving at the gate of the academy he shows the gate guard the contract to take care of the spirit along with added approval from an alliance officer. The guard gives andras a skeptical look but andras only shrugs at him and walks past him as the gate opens. He see's some students still walking about but quite hurriedly heading to the dorms no doubt due to the death of one of their schoolmates to the spirit, he quickly makes his way to the headmasters office to let his arrival be known and alert the rest of academy staff that he will be hunting the spirit this night and to not disrupt him. Soon after that he waits in the headmasters waiting room for night to approach and for both staff and students to vacate the halls, as twilight approaches an intangible form of dark energy emits from andras fluttering about here and there before andras speaks to it. The form stops its moving and glides back towards and surrounds andras partially as he begins his wanderings through the halls, the only sounds that could be heard were his boots hitting the floor with slight echoes travelling throughout the halls. Eventually he finds his way to an empty classroom with a window showing a full moon, he makes his way over to the window and stares out at the moon.... Suddenly there is a creak of the door behind him and soon following the clacking of heels. Andras does not turn around despite hearing whatever it was coming closer behind him eagerly,  just when he thought it was upon him he turned quickly to be face to face with a viera. She had a sweet look to her face but her eyes held noticeable signs of bloodlust, andras quickly darted his eyes down to her shoes to confirm that she was wearing red heels, with a nod as his eyes dart back up the viera was already rearing back to strike him with a mean looking lash when the dark energy that was form around him stretched out and grasped the lash. Comically enough to andras the spirit who just moments ago was looking at him with eyes full of bloodlust now looked at him is if he were the monster in all this, he gave a simple shrug to the spirit who had released the lash and was backing up looking for a way to escape. Before she could figure out a way the dark form surged from andras and a large swiping motion was made creating an aetherical gash in the spirit. The aetherical energy seeping from the gash began to stream towards the dark form and subsequently andras, as this occurred a look of terror was on the spirits face as it screamed a bloodcurdling scream that seemed to travel the whole academy before it the spirt itself turned completely into aetherical energy and was absorbed. Once all the energy was absorbed the dark form shimmered a bit and began to take on a bit more of a distinct form yet still quite intangible, andras looked at it with a rather surprised face not really thinking this sort of change would happen but quickly accepted it and beckoned the form to return to him so that they can complete their work. As he exited the classroom a number of staff and students along with the headmaster were waiting outside, andras quickly told them the spirit was dealt with and requested the headmaster provide him with the writ of completion.  Dumbfounded a moment the headmaster as well as the rest of them just stared at andras not believing the situation was dealt with so quickly but after an aether sensitve on campus felt the spirits presence disappear she relayed this to those gathered and everyone collectively sighed and thanked andras. He gave them all a simple nod as he took the writ from the headmaster. As he pocketed the writ and turned to leave the academy his eyes met the aether sensitive who was looking at him with eyes of confusion and alarm, andras gave her a devious smirk and a wink before exiting the academy a bit of dark energy stretching out from his shoulder moving back and forth as if waving to the girl.


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A demons bane


Trudging along in southern thanalan to his destination andras grumbles to himself saying something to seemingly no one before a dark form emits from him and forms overtop his head, with a sigh and a shake of his hand the form receded back into andras showing no trace of its presence.  When he arrives to the ruins, an excavation member quickly runs up to him asking if he was here to deal with the box, andras nods point to a somewhat sturdy looking lance on his back, the excavation member looks at him skeptically but all andras does is shrug and ask him to provide him a map of the ruins and where the box is. After getting a quick drink of water and asking some questions from the other excavation members andras delves into the ruins, since the route was already explored there was not much for him to do except idly think about the kind of civilization that created these ruins. He snapped out of his idle thoughts soon as the dark form abruptly shoots out and spreads itself a bit around andras in a defensive form as the box comes into sight, it was on an innocuous pedestal with no real engraving but the jewelry box it self was carved in exquisite detail and color. Drawing his lance he approaches the box while a section of the dark form around him stretches out and back as if awaiting to strike as well. Once close enough andras felt the malicious the energy from the box and with a quick breathe flips the box open, immediately a spectral creature with just an arm and sword appears above him and strikes downward. The dark form redirects and whips its outstretched section to the sword stopping it but not before it travels a far bit into the dark form; gritting his teeth a bit  andras shoots his lance upward to make contact with the arm holding the sword and while it does seem to have made the creature retract and move back a pace it seems to have been left unharmed all together. Knitting his eyebrows a bit andras directs the dark energy to coalesce more around his lance, once done he makes a charge towards the creature narrowly avoiding another sword swipe and thrusting the lance back into the arm. This time before the creature can move away the dark energy disperses from the lance making the creature shimmer, thinking this is the means to defeat it andras prepared to jab the arm again but before he could do so the shimmering of the creature stopped and swiftly turned its blade around to skewer andras. Sensing this and with the assistance of the dark form also seeing the danger he manages to avoid getting pierced but as the blade glided pass him a majority of it ran along his creating a deep gouge, as he rolled up onto one knee holding his side he breathes heavily deterring what to do next. As he makes this deliberation the dark form is swirling around his wound partially while most of it is gathering in front of his face and before andras can disperse it the form surges onto his face turning his world black. Panicked he claws at his face but feels something solid on it that was definitely not there before and soon after that his vision returns more clear then ever.  As his vision returned the creature was upon him and already taking a striking motion but andras seemed unconcerned now, the pain on his side was gone and as the strike came he quickly bounded by the sword with speed that seemed a bit too unnatural and placed himself back to the jewelry box. Seeming as panicked as a one armed sword wielding creature can be it rushes towards andras but he quickly grasps the box holds it up to his face, as he does so a red glow emanates from whatever was on his face and the exquisite coloring from the box begins to lose luster and eventually turns an ashen grey. The creature who was nearly upon andras blinks out of existence, relieved andras closes the box and tucks it away before feeling around to remove whatever was on his face. After some effort it comes off but before he could get a look at it, it disperses back into the dark form who seemed far more tangible now as its form looked something like a robed figure perhaps. Not as surprised that its form changed again he gave it a nod and began limping back towards the ruins entrance to report completion of the task seemingly annoyed he received an injury but also curious as to how exactly his roommate managed the feat of at least preventing the wound from being mortal and thought of the possibilities of having such a handy ability for his line of work. Despite the injury he let out a slight chuckle as light shown from the ruins entrance.

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