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I. Basic Info

Characters: Shaza Soromai

Primary character: Shaza Soromai

Linkshells: N/A

Primary RP linkshell: N/A


II. RP Style

Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy):  heavy

Views on RP combat and injuries: Conflict and the aftermath make good story, win or lose.  IC actions have IC consequences and injuries shouldn't be magically healed or handwaved away (IMO)

Views on IC romance: Love a good long term character-centered romance/relationship story

Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc):  Also good.  Anything based in characters, their relationships and conflict (internal or eternal)

Views on lore: I use the lore as a jumping off point and generally try to be true to it but I view it as a guideline and an inspiration, not a straightjacket. 

Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc): Don't really have an opinion.  FFXIV's chat is better than some games, worse than others.  Generally prefer face-to-face RP in game but I'm open to other forms based on availability.


III. Other Info

Country:  United States

Timezone: US/Eastern (UTC-4/5)

Contact info:  in-game /w Shaza [email protected]

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The low rumbling roar of voices washed over Shaza as he perched atop the crates with ears flattened and tail flicking occasionally with a muted energy.  His milky white gaze lazily stalked from figure to future in the courtyard, from each small group conversation to each tall brooding figure standing alone to each veiled dancer cavorting for each wide eyed fresh face adventurer.  If he was seeking something he wasn’t finding it but there was little to do except continue searching.


The desert heat was oppressive and stifling, even in the shade of the alley.  The dust and smells of the city seemed to have palpable physical force bearing down on the slender Miqo’te.  His ears flicked, flattening further and he fought off the urge to bolt once again, to find distant wild and, above all, cool places.  It wouldn’t do any good.  There was really nowhere to run.  Nowhere was far enough away from what he was running from.


A pair of Flames walked by on their circuit of the side streets, the mismatched pair of a beefy red skinned Roegdyn sergeant and his tiny companion.  Shaza carefully avoided eye contact as the patrol scanned the alley as did, he noticed, many of the other denizens of the throng.  The Flames moved on and the undefinable sense of the muting of the crowd’s rumbling faded as the chorus of Uldah’s streetlife continued its cacophonous song.


To distract himself from his brooding, he perked up and craned his neck to once more seek the tall pair of dark ears belonging to Giver-of-Fish amongst the crowd.  He doubted the tall buxom Viera would have had more luck finding them work in this place.  She had little experience or exposure to the Eorzean city-states and their underworld prior to the destruction of her clan.  Still, she had a certain confidence and forthright indomitability of spirit despite the tragedy she had arisen from that fascinated Shaza.  Despite his predilection for solitary wandering he well understood the loss of friends and family.  His soul had been off balance, untethered from its foundation ever since...


Shaza scowled and whipped his tail viciously through the air, clenching his teeth tight.  The image of a silver furred Miqo’te, eyes wide with shock and betrayal as she fell backwards into the narrow gorge clutching at the feathered shaft in her breast.  The dancing Lalas near the door to the tavern squeaked in surprise as he hissed, jumping down from his perch.  


He stopped short for a minute, staring at the tiny angry faces and accompanied a weak smile with a mumbled apology as he sidled around them into the press of bodies inside.  His contact wasn’t coming and he had a sneaking suspicion the man had run into someone with deeper pockets and even less compunction.  Shaza hoped whoever had balanced those books wasn’t planning additional transactions but he couldn’t bring himself to get too worked up about it.  Either he’d live or he wouldn’t.  Mephina only knew and he no longer walked in Her sight.


The Miqo’te smiled sardonically as he cut through the crowd like a silky dark predator on the prowl.  Shaza soon found whom he sought leaning against the wall observing the mass of chattering patrons with bored disdain over his massive folded arms.  The Roegdyn raised a thick tufted eyebrow as Shaza approached him, giving the small Miqo’te the dubious benefit of his full attention.  Shaza smiled up at the man impudently, tilting his head to the side and placing his hand on his hips.


After a moment the Roegdyn snorted, shrugged and pushed off of the wall to head towards the archway leading back to the inn rooms.  Shaza fell in behind him, sauntering with carefully curated nonchalance and a flippant jaunty salute to the grizzled Hyur innkeep.  The echoes of ghostly voices taunting him from beneath the crowd’s din faded, or at least he was able to push them back long enough to recover his composure.


To one with no past and no future it was better to live in the present, after all.

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