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WoW RP Veteran, FFXIV Newb

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Hello there, I'm Ravenna Orycto! I'm new to RP in FFXIV (but not other games/mediums) and I'm really looking forward to RPing on FFXIV!


I feel I should give some background to my experience and such.

I'm a veteran roleplayer in forum-based mediums, having done so for 15ish years. My in-game RP experience is almost solely in WoW, with walksup, events and addons a plenty, my experience with WoW RP numbers somewhere around 9-10 years. I heard mention of a better roleplay community through the grapevine of sorts of multiple discords and friends that said it was more.. immersive than WoW, so I did some searching and came upon this website. I generally tend to be a medium-heavy RPer in terms of my responses but I try to match my partner(s) as best I can.


I'm recently giving RP a try in this game, however I'm completely out of the loop for anything outside of my previous experiences. I'm hoping I might get some insight and help here as I'm not at all sure how to go about roleplaying and playing my character in FFXIV as it's a very different game from what I'm used to! I'm not sure what free companies are (I saw mention of them but I'm still a bit confused?) Any help is really appreciated!

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^Free companies are guilds in game!  They're a great way to meet other like minded rpers. 


My main method of rp finding, is looking at player search info/carrds and reaching out to the ones I think would mesh well or have an entertaining interaction with my character!

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