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Umm... Hi everyone!


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So, I'm really new to Final Fantasy, and I just created a character on Balmung, since I heard that it has a large RP community. The thing is, I don't really know how to initiate RP with anyone...

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Hello there, Kaytosh, welcome! :) You can walk up to anyone you see with their RP tag on or making RP posts (there are often folks in Peal Lane in Ul'dah) and just join in IC or send them a /tell OOC to ask if they'd like to RP with you. You can also check out some RP events (you can find many on the calendar here, on the Balmung RP calendar, or in Party Finder in game). You can also meet other RPers here, any of the community RP Discords, etc. and plan some RP with them.

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