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Emerald Enclave’s Midsummer Celebration


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The Emerald Enclave, a community of druids and other nature lovers, invite all to their Midsummer celebration. Traditionally, Midsummer is held in the middle of summer on the day the sun shines the longest. For the druids of the Emerald Enclave, it is a time to honour Azeyma and thank her for bringing her light to the land. It is believed by the druids that from this point onward, the days will start to grow shorter as the time of dark comes. From midday until midnight, all are invited to join in celebrating with games, drinking, and feasting under Azeyma’s gaze.


Where: 5th ward subdivision, Lavender Beds ( 11.0  , 16.0 ) Mateus

When: Friday 25th of June at 7 pm PST/ 10 pm EST/ 8 pm MST (IC from midday till midnight)

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