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Hiya! New to RP'er here from Aether ^^

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Hiya! :3 Im Taiga Chan from Siren - Aether (im from europe in NA server so timezones can be bit odd) And im usually always on so do come say hi!
Ive been lately getting into RP'ing and found this website and wanted to come and say hi!

Ive been playing ffxiv for bit over a year but little no RP experience. So any tips and all are welcome! :3

My MMORG experience, i used to play maplestory 2 before it was shut down and have played bit of twin saga/aura kingdom when i was getting into mmorpg's

My RP experience is kinda non existent but im trying my best to learn it! ^^

For my character what i have thinked of her is:
Taiga Cha (Viera-Veena) is elegant bun bun, loving fashion so she is model ^^
But in her off time she loves, going on tiny adventure's! :3

(havent yet planned further than that)

I have no idea what role-player im  aiming to be but like casual (i think...?) as i dont have RP experience and not that much of plans yet ;^^

Well irl wise, im soon to be highschool graduate, im also still minor (16 but soon 17 years old so please no creepy people towards me ;w;) But im homeschooled so im always home and etc! and hobby wise, im usually just on pc (playing games *cough* ffxiv mostly and watching videos) and other than that i reaally love cats! :3

Thanks for reading through my rambling! Nice to meet yall
By Taiga Chan on Siren - Aether

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Welcome to the roleplaying side of things.   I haven't found all that much EU TZ kicking over on Aether yet, but once we get data center visitation hopefully that'll help you a bit,  I know both Light and Chaos have sizable EU communities and Crystal isn't really slouching on that end if you don't find much over on Aether.

Be well, and welcome again, if we can help, with anything, feel free to post and ask questions.

~ Erah'sae



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