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[Elemental DC] Onyxium Bar - Opening night

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🍷🍻Onyxium Bar - Opening Night🍻🍷

spacer.pngOOC Information


Good day there! Now for a post you may not have ever thought you'd see, an RP event on the Tonberry server of all places!

While many Australian and Oceanic players have found homes on the American or European role play servers (And I don't blame them, they're much more populated with RPers) some of us still live on the Elemental data center. The Onyxium bar is an attempt to try and create a small RP hub on the Elemental Data Center for those of us who play there, and is also an invitation to people from other Data centers to feel free to make an alt and come on over to say hi if the timing allows. A different crowd to hang out with is always interesting!


IC Information 

The Onyxium bar will be having it's official opening night this weekend. All patrons, be they adventurers or guards or slightly nefarious are welcome so long as they behave themselves. The opening night will not feature a specific event, as it is to invite people to visit the bar for the first time and get to know the bar, the staff and their fellow patrons. Themed night will begin from next week onwards.

Where: Tonberry server, The Mist, Ward 24, Apartment 37
When:Saturday 6pm - 10pm GMT+8 (Please see spoiler below. Time and days may differ. You can drop in and out of the event at any time. There is no commitment necessary.)
Flyer ((Carrd)): https://onyxium.carrd.co/
Event Theme: It's opening night. Come and see The Onyxium before anyone else has the chance! The first round of food and  drink is offered at a discount for the first ten customers!

Now Hiring: The bar is currently hiring a number of staff positions. Please refer to the Staff section of the flyer ((Carrd)) for more information and if interested contact Miyuki Fuyu directly.


OOC Information

The exact day and time for events may change in the future based on player feedback. Right now, this appears to be the ideal starting time for the most amount of players and is going to last extra long as it's the opening night. Worry not however, as the bar will continue to be open after these aforementioned hours and events (Such as cosplay contests) will never begin at the same time as the opening hour, it will always be later to give players a chance to show up. However you can expect at least 1 player staff to try and be online during this time (Unless IRL circumstances dictate otherwise. Please understand that it would be impossible to 100% promise someone will be there at all times. I know for a fact I may have to step out for 30 minutes or so, that is why I'm attempting to hire staff to cover for me during this time.)

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