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Roleplaying non player races/beast tribes?

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So, I was wondering how the community might feel about roleplaying non player races or things like beast tribe characters? I know people sometimes roleplay Garlean characters, and I've seen my fair share of people dressed up like Moogles or Namazu (not sure if people actually RP as those races though), but I've wondered if theres any common consensus about that sort of thing. Reason being is I've had an admitedly somewhat odd character concept I've used in private RP with my girlfriend that I've become attached to of a Pixie inhabiting/controlling a body shes bound to that I wound up coming up with after falling in love with the Pixies and the fae in Shadowbringers. But I've been unsure how far a concept like that would fly in public RP settings. I've figured I would play it mostly subtly out of the character being leery of drawing too much attention, leaning mostly on things like an odd aetheric signature and generally odd mannerisms that would fit more with the Pixies than her player character race(Xaela Au Ra) so people could choose to engage with that or not. But I've been unsure about dipping into public RP since I know its an idea thats probably off the beaten path with some odd speculative lore stuff in its background/justification. I wanna be able to dip into more public RP and meet more people since I'm generally too shy or socially anxious to meet people otherwise, but I worry about having difficulties because of the concept.


So, rambling aside, I figured I'd make a post and see what others that are more involved in the RP community would think.

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I've seen a handful of players RPing as beast tribe characters. I don't think it's that unusual or that many people would take issue with it. Role-playing a Pixie possessing someone does sound a bit odd, though. I'm not sure if there's really a lot of lore support for that, especially if you intend to role-play her on the Source. I would recommend probably keeping that on the downlow in public RP if you don't want folks avoiding the character. It does put your character into more of a niche that may not be up everyone's alley.

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Yeah, thats the major part of my worry at the end of the day. Its largely a speculative idea that I know is a bit odd and any lore grounding could be argued, and the last thing I wanna do is get into arguments on the possibility of something or step on anyone's toes since thats not fun for anyone. So I kinda just find myself at an impasse at the end of the day since I became attached to the character but theres not many options for in game representation.

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