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Oh no what do I do

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So I am by no means new to RP, but I *am* new to RPing on an MMO. So. Uh. Hi?  Anybody have tips, tricks, plans, anything to tell me so I don't awkwardly fingergun and moon-walk my way out of the situation in fully-fledged fear-anxiety?

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I'd say be ready to be the one to break the ice. A lot of roleplayers default to walk-up interactions without actually walking up to anyone else, resulting in people standing around doing nothing. The best way to get rp a lot of the time is to walk up and start interacting with somebody.

Second, check out organized rp events on your server. They're some of the best ways to get into rp.


Third, keep a healthy distance between In-character interactions and out-of-character ones. If you dislike someone, don't rp with them.

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