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MSQ and Roleplay

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I am new to roleplaying on FFXIV, although not a new player, and am making a new character to do this.

I have read through the guides on this site and taken everything in, the only question I can't seem to see an answer to is how the MSQ affects roleplay?


Do our characters experience and live the story? or is the MSQ ignored?

Obviously Ishgard for instance would directly affect us, but the story of the Warrior of Light, how is this explained or avoided completely?

Is the MSQ just a story for us to enjoy OOC, and then unrelated own adventures begin in the world IC?


If ignored, do we need our own way to experience the Scions, or any of the other great adventures.

The likes of Ultima Weapon surely only one group could take down, but as a group are we all involved in the same fight?


My initial thought was for my character to have not experienced most of the MSQ and any knowledge is through the Echo watching the WOL through his/ her eyes for any knowledge within this. But I wanted to know what other people thought of incorporating the story or whether it is avoided.


Note, I do understand everyone is different, but I wanted to know how you play and experience this.


Thank you 😊


Parthiel Voks 



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Or at least best I have it :) wanted to post if it helps anyone else.


Thanks to some helpful peeps on Balmung, general consensus is avoid the WOL story line unless you really feel confident with it, or if you are RPing the MSQ with someone.

The MSQ should be enjoyed by the player, rather than the character.


Some larger events where a lot of people are involved (I won't name so as not to spoil, but Stormblood for instance) you can take  part in.

Others such as Shadowbringers shouldn't be referred to as only WOL can access the areas.


The Scions are acknowledged but RPers are generally not a part of unless you really feel confident with it, and my suggestion of the Echo to have witnessed events without doing them yourself was said to be a good idea if the subjects of MSQ ever come up but generally avoided.


The player enjoys the MSQ, the character is in the world as its all going on in the background :)


Thanks again to the Balmung helpers 😄


Parthiel Voks


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