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New Player needing some advice and guidance on RP

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Hi Everyone!

I've just started playing FFXIV. I'm mainly an ESO player, but would play WoW purely for the RP but was always too scared to jump in and try it! Basically No RP Experince.


I am a Final Fantasy fan! Played many of the franchise games and grew up watching my brother play them on PS1.

Otherwise though I am not massive of the lore besides the story from the games. My Favourite FF game was Zodiac Age! So as you can imagine when I saw Viera as a race my heart immediately skipped a beat as I reminisced about Fran and Balthier and I bought the expansions! I'm not smart i know.


I am currently levelling up a Viera - Lancer but my end goal is to become a Dancer as my main class! I also convinced my other half to purchase the game and He is playing as a Au Ra/Rean - Mains Ninja.


My Question!


What does my other half need to know about Au Ra to come up with a backstory? He already has an idea of a being an orphan, being taken in and taught the ways of a thief/assassin and ultimately travelling around and not staying somewhere too long to be held for his crimes type story. 


I however (Knowing Zodiac) wanted my Viera to be raised in Golmore Jungle, longing to travel outside of the woods and dreaming of the city. One day venturing outside out of curiosity and having the magical barrier appear barring her from re entering and the voice of the woods fading. Not knowing where to go she wandered until she found herself in Dalmasca. With no gil to her name she went to the Inn where she met a lady of the night who in return for a roof over her head was asked to dance and entertain customers. (Nothing Erotic, Just looking no touching!) While dancing for customers she met a Sky Pirate who she fell for, She left with him and travelled all over, However while they were staying at a local inn in Limsa Lominsa, she awoke to find her love gone. No trace, and No note. Now she must start all over again, only this time a little less trusting.



This that a viable story?


And could anyone help my partner out with where to find information for his story? 


Thank you everyone in advance❤️


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Hello there, Yumi, welcome! :D Your backstory sounds viable enough (I'm not sure if it's an actual barrier preventing re-entry to the forest of just a cultural taboo? I haven't looked too much into Viera lore since I don't play one)! As for Au Ra, you can find Au Ra lore here. For Raen, they don't seem to have a lot of racially specific lore (unless he would like his character to be from Sui-no-Sato, a secluded underwater Raen city with its own royalty) apart from what you would expect of traditional east Asia. Most of their territories were occupied by the Empire prior to the rebellion and some fled to Eorzea while some of those who stayed behind were conscripted by the Empire. You'll see more Au Ra lore in game whenever you reach Stormblood!

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