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Mi'qote Monk Roleplaying Help and her backstory

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Hello guys, I did some research on Roleplaying a Monk and I'm more confused than ever. I've tried to do my homework on MNK and even my Mi'qote name and such: K'yalia Sahari.


Shortest version I can muster: my character lost her memory after the calamity, found herself learning to fight and defend herself around living in the outer lands around Lil' Ala Mhigo (Never was allowed inside the rock formations), this is where my character learned to fight with her hands to defend herself from bad people.


She joined the pugilist guild, because of the affinity of her hand to hand combat skills. K'yalia is an optimistic sweetheart wanting to defend and protect others, especially those that can't defend themselves (Typical hero stuff, lol).


I want her to become a Monk eventually, but after reading up on the Monks in the lore, it seems that the Monks dwindled, been largely destroyed, or their soulstones being extremely rare... Also, does her personality conflict with becoming a Monk do to them having a destroyer mentality? Especially since the lot of them worshipped Rhalgar. I want to make her a Monk who doesn't conform to a destructive destroyer mentality, but can still use the chakra and art well. Could I even have her become a destroyer, but a destroyer of those that prey upon the weak?


I have an amazing few days of starting her character and have met so many friends already in game that I RP with. A MNK fits her character's fighting affinity, aside from the destroyer part. I've even wanted her to try being a Dancer eventually as well. Sorry for the not-short explanation, is there a way I can bend or even keep within the lore's boundaries? I don't want to undo this character, she's had a great beginning so far, but I also don't want to disrespect the lore too much.


K'yalia sitting at the Inn, thinking about the big new world she finds herself in.

K'yalia Sahari.png

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