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New player with some RP Questions

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Hello, I'm brand-new to FFXIV and FF in general as of about 30 minutes ago, but I'm already very intrigued. I enjoy RPing a lot and would like to look into the idea of doing so in this game, but I don't know anything about the world. So, I have a few questions.

-What are the most important pieces of lore, or where could I find them? I'd be all for searching through the wiki and whatnot but if I could be directed to certain key points to keep my search limited to specific things that will be of the most importance I'd appreciate it.

-Is there a certain level I should reach before truly starting RP? Like, I'm only level 2 right now and am worried I won't be taken seriously if I started rping at a low level.

-Any other tips are greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Grainish! I'm a new player too looking for partners, I'll send you a message on this website with my Discord contact info!
For the lore, sometimes you can find good guides online written by fans - for instance, I just found a Miqo'te guide on the FFXIV Crystal RP discord that is super comprehensive and awesome and like, 100 pages! I've also found summary guides that are super short and helpful for faster reading! If you haven't joined that discord yet, I think the link is displayed somewhere on this forum - you can always ask for more guides there!

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Hello there, Grainish, welcome! :D
- I'd recommend beginning with lore specific to the character you want to play. Research their race, the place they are from, the class(es) you want them to have, etc.
- You can start RPing whenever you want! Reaching 15+ will allow you to travel to the major cities, however, which will be useful for RP. Being lower level will also of course limit your outfit options, and the more you play through the game, the more lore you will learn and locations you will be able to travel.

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