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Need help with butler/servant type character.

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I recently made a dark servant type OC that is similar to Demiurge from Overlord. And I kinda need some case studies on how a character like that would interact with the general public. I'd like some RP pointers if you would share your thinking process when you create a personality for your OC and how they talk and act in front of others. 


And if there's like a breakdown guide to follow. Thanks!

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I'm not very familiar with the example character, but I've done some RP similar to I presume what you're after, albeit mostly on the other side of things. If you want to find a way to work your character's archetype into basic interactions with others, they could be out and about doing errands for whoever they serve, or mention their loyalties to that person/entity in conversation, and such.

As far as building characters personalities and how they speak--I usually try to map out the traits I know I want that character to have and connect the dots. What experiences would make a character act how you want your character to act? How else would those experiences shape your character? What sort of path would your character's personality take them down?

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