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Questions regarding Highlanders and thaumaturgy

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Hello. I am trying to come up with some ideas for a RPC, but I'm new to the game and I'm not incredibly familiar with the lore. At the moment, I am considering RPing a Highlander thaumaturge, but I have a few questions.


1. It seems like the majority of Highlanders were refugees who fled Ala Mhigo and traveled to Thanalan / Ul'dah, so I assume my RPC would also belong to this group. Would the Arrzaneth Ossuary allow a refugee from Ala Mhigo to join their organization? I read that refugees were discriminated against in Ul'dah, so I'm not sure if a refugee would be allowed to join a faction with a lot of political power.


2. If my character would not be allowed to join the Ossuary, is there another feasible way for him to learn thaumaturgy? 


3. Would my character be looked down upon by other Highlanders? They seem to be a race/clan that values physical prowess, as they have a bunch of warriors and mercenaries and stuff. Is there any lore about their opinions regarding magic?

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Back story would be entirely up to yourself.


Refugees are looked down on, yes. But maybe you arrived before the surge or some other reason? If you did arrive with the waves, you could come up with an interesting story to go with being accepted into society.

I want to avoid spoilers, but Raubahn is a highlander who rose the ranks to his current position. The only real disagreements within highlander society (that I picked up on myself) are those with the resistance and those without - even those who still want to take part in the resistance through other means are shunned because they "left the flock".


Thaumaturgey you can come up with all sorts of stories, Black Magic itself is frowned upon in general, you will see as you play and more a secret society, but maybe you have the knack of thaumaturgey naturally, put in the extra effort. Maybe you are highly religious and as Rhalgr is represented by a meteor, you have pursued this path.


Personally I've not seen disputes with race and class (unless you wish to make a dispute yourself), all warriors need support in whatever role. Lore wise Black and White Mages have it the hardest, but also makes for interesting stories 😊



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