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Looking for a few partners for long-term RP!

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Hello! I'm looking for a partner or three to RP with for a while and develop my character alongside, I'm a sucker for romance so that definitely applies here(no erp though, sorry! Wholesome only!). Fair warning though I haven't done RP in quite a while and definitely need to brush up on my game lore. If I ever do something incorrectly please correct me!

My character is a mysterious yet eccentric Miqo'te who speaks in a strange way, but seems to be constantly searching for something~ If you're interested in that baseline feel free to message me here.

  • Primarily looking for a long-term RP with character development and all that standard stuff~
  • I don't have a set schedule but I am open to sudden gatherings and the like for RP, unless I'm doing something else of course.
  • I would primarily like to RP in game if possible, but can accommodate Discord RP.
  • My character Hikari speaks in an odd manner, constantly referencing her surroundings and asking ambiguous/obscure questions. It may take some getting used too!
  • I don't have an ultimate end-goal for my character, how she develops and changes will entirely be based around the stories she's involved in, she will change as everyone else changes!


 Lastly I can be pretty absent-minded at times and misinterpret what people are saying, so do correct me if I ever make that mistake.  Please message me if you're interested!



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