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A Traveling Stranger Approaches! They are Tiny


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Hi I'm Were-Ah!


I played LotRO way back in the day, though I was always too shy to ever ask to RP with anyone. But! I've been an avid forum RPer since '02-'03. An old school friend and I got back into each other's orbits back in June and he managed to suck me into the game. 


I figured that there was some kind of RP community-- did a little google-fu and voila! Here I am!




My main character is Tafu Tafu, a 30+ level BLM Lalafell. I'm calling her my 'mascot/minion' character and I'm working on putting up an ad in the looking for RP forum. She's broke and needs a job. You need a mascot? A minion? A MAID? Someone to cheer for you in the Gladiator ring? Just give a pat and a cookie and you've got a loyal lackey that you'll never get rid of again. 


I prefer either Discord, Google Docs, Email, that kind of thing. I've never done in-game RP, so you'd have to be patient with me.


Now, a question for YOU


If you could be any of the mounts in-game, what would you be? 


I'd be a Spriggan! They're so FLUFFY


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30 minutes ago, Faye said:

Hello there, Were-Ah, welcome! :D Tafu is so cute! I am a fellow Spriggan appreciator, as well.

Thank you! 


Good to see another Spriggan appreciator! I squealed when I saw them for the first time. 

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Welcome to the community! I hope you enjoy your stay around and have a lot of fun! I also used to do Forum RP back in the day as well I remember it fondly also as far as a mount goes uhhhhh probably the new Alexander mount released with the event. Big ol robot boi.

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Thank you! If you ever wanna complain or remenisance about the Good Ole Days, lemme know. I still have lots of complaints about taverns and pubs with like . . . 6-7 corners for people to brood in at one time lol 


Btw, I just read through Efleion's carrd-- he's very cute! I love characters that keep a positive outlook. 


Oh man, a friend of mine just let me ride on that thing! It's AMAZING. The whole time I was like . . . "This is a Transformer, I am riding a Transformer," lol was singing the Old Robots in Disguise theme until we had to get off.

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