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I choose you Pika... Balmung!


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Hello everyone,

I wanted to play on a server that was lively and fun. After lots of server testing I found a server called Balmung. The first thing that struck me was how alive and bustling it was. I did not know that it was known as the preferred RP server until someone pointed it out to me.


I usually dont RP myself as I just dont have the experience or know the nuances of RP, but I do love playing on these servers as I find people that RP are usually interesting, witty and fun. It always surprises me some of the creative ways they can chain emotes together to create an action. Some are plain hilarious, while others just make you blink and become speechless.


So I have invested time and have reached level 50 and realized this game is just huge, so many things to do and places to see and Im totally in love with the bard music system. I sometimes just sit and watch people perform some amazing music and the next thing I know its like 2am and I have to get up at 6am to go to work. 


Hoping to meet people that play on Balmung and can show me some places to hang and places to avoid (lol I didnt know about the quicksand place until I went there out of curiosity and found out what it was all about).

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Hey there welcome to the community! my lonk boi is on Balmung and I frequent it quite often now that all the story is over and I can focus on RP, If you ever want help you can find my details in the OOC of his carrd linked in my signature or you can message me here.

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