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As the twilight sun set herself down into the horizon, the stone buildings of Ul'Dah casted dragging shadows across the desolate landscape surrounding the city's walls. Like the stars that began emerging from the darkening sky, so too came the lights of the many taverns and gambling halls that lined the sinuous streets. Cheers from the arenas could be heard throughout the desert metropolis as the evening fights started, and the sound worked its way to the ears of denizens that dotted the many dark corners and alleyways that were hidden from unsuspecting eyes. In one alleyway in particular two hooded cloaked figures strode, side-by-side.


The cloaks the two were wearing were worn almost to the point of shreds and the color they once had, was faded from years of use. Both of them stopped suddenly at a small clearing infront of an aged brick layered wall, where the alley way branched off in four different directions. The taller of the two figures pulled back the hood of his cloak, showing the face of a scruffy young man with raven like hair, and a bandage covering his right eye. Reaching into his shirt, he pulled out a rolled up parchment and unfolded it. His smaller companion, pulled back her hood as well, revealing silver hair and two cat-like ears that twitched back and forth, attempting to listen in all directions. The Miqo'te had a eye patch on her face covering her right eye as well, and she had a very prominent frown on her face. "Hey Dreamer...Wouldn't it have been better to put that somewhere where it would get more notice?" Dreamer was busy trying hard to drive a nail through the parchment and deep into the the soft mortar between the bricks that had weakened through the ages. "What are you talking about, Remedy? This spot is perfect! Exactly the spot where the right kind of people will find it, and the wrong people won't...hopefully." He couldn't help but grimace faintly at hearing his own words. Those wrong people seemed to be growing in numbers lately, and he had no desire to run into any of them during the rest of days. The bottom of Remedy's cloak moving signaled that her tail was sweeping side to side and told that she was having very similar thoughts. She peered over his shoulder, looking thoughtful. "I just hope our money didn't go to waste, considering how much that cost us."


"Don't worry, once someone sees this word will spread and we'll have a crew in no time. Rumor is just as good a advertisement as flyers. Better even!" He was feining some of his optimism though. The paper had, admittedly, been more than he had predicted, but he refused to not use paper without a watermark of their new logo. Of course, that had left them with just enough to afford the one sheet. "Besides, this symbol is really cool..." He murmured to himself, unsure if he was trying to convince himself or not. If Remedy had heard him she gave no sign, "How is anyone going to even find us though? We didn't write an address or anything..." Dreamer finished wedging in the nail, and licked his thumb. "Of course not! That's part of the genius in it." He spun around suddenly, and faced her grinning widely. "People always like a good mystery, Rem, and there's nothing more mysterious than a secret group recruiting people through the means of a cryptic message on the wall." Remedy frowned up at him, her eyebrows furrowing together perplexed. "...But we're not really a secret if we're putting up a flyer." Dreamer shook his head and folded his arms. "That part doesn't matter. It's how others will view it is what's important. People will make reality what they want to make it." He thrust his hand in front of her face, holding up three fingers. "Look there are three main things people want in this world. One is love, two is fortune, and three is to feel special. I'm not the kind to go into the buisness of handing out love. Neither of us have any money currently. So that just leaves giving people that special feeling, and what's more special than being in a secret group promising adventure?"


"I still don't get it..." She was rubbing the side of her head in aggravation. Dreamer smirked turning from her and started walking back the way they had come. "You will once we have a crew." She stood there for a moment blinking at his back before darting after him. "But we don't even have a ship yet!" Dreamer raised his hand to the sky, making a pistol sign while he marched onwards. "There's always a ship in the hearts of men!" He laughed heartily as they both sank back into the shadows.









Who are we?!


Not Thieves is a new FFXIV based linkshell that focuses on RP, rare item collection, adventure and fun. Although we are an RP legion, we still accept those who do not wish to RP; although we really wish you would give it a try. We have a duo leader set up, and both are long time veterans of MMORPGs including the famous FFXI.



Our goal is to give members an immersive experience that well help them achieve all that the game has to offer. We will cater to an individual's storyline as well as offer a overall story arch that members may choose to follow. We also hope to further define ourselves as "collectors" and explore all of the world of Eorzea and find out its many secrets and treasures. We also plan to have many events such as open market days, scavenger hunts, and lotteries.



We are a out-going, beginner friendly lot that aims to help members of all backgrounds; whether they be oldies or younglings. Laid back, kind, and generally helpful tends to be our philosophy in most things, and we look for players of similar traits. We are currently looking for anyone and everyone who is looking for adventure.




Basic Info:


Not Thieves







Dreamer and Remedy.


RP Style:

Moderate RP.





IC element:

We're a group of like minded individuals looking for treasure and the like. We keep friends in odd places, and have enemies in places that we'd probably rather not.



Pending until after we have more details.


Guild interactions:

We'll be very open! Especially if they need help, you know, holding items...


Application criteria:

All that's needed is to go to our site and click on the recruitment button to the right side of the screen. After that just fill out some questions, and we'll get back to you.


Additional info:


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I keep forgetting to post this >.>;


When you have 3 or more committed members, please submit the list either here or via a PM to me (whichever you're comfortable with). That's the only requirement you still need to become an RPC Council linkshell/company/whatever they're called.

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