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Questions: The Echo (and other mind magic)

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I've watched a few different versions of the "all main cut-scenes" for FF14 1.0, as a references. Watched hours, read for hours soaking up the main story. But there is something I feel like I understand but at the same time, not sure if I really do (or at least don't understand to the degree it could be). Of course I am referring to the Echo and possibly thaumaturge/black-mage mind magic. I'm writing a character back story that involves these elements but I feel that if I don't understand the Echo and "the dark arts" properly, I'll just mess up the whole memory thing. Which is touchy enough without basing it on really vague lore. Also I previously seen inconsistency within the community on some things, especially as ARR rears its head.


Question 1) I hear some saying new players also get the Echo in ARR. I saw a handful say no. Some say every player character is now a Warrior of Light, others say only Legacy characters are Warriors of Light. Would someone clarify for me which once and for all?


Question 2) If the answer to #1, do new players get the echo, is YES... Then what is it like in ARR? I assume there is still the phantom aria singing, the "Hear, Think, Feel," but I assume the meteor shower vision has been replaced since... Dalamud and the meteors of fiery death have already come to pass now. If the awakening is different, can someone tell me what it is (for RP purposes)? I'm okay with light spoilers.


Question 3) Really vague question. Just any tips I should know about how the echo works in greater detail. Like I don't know what was up with seemingly 90% of all memories explored through the echo are memories based in the same location you used the echo at.


Question 4) The Dark Arts. Briefly in the Ul'Dah beginning story line there comes a point when F’lhammin asks you to secret find out if the thaumaturges know how to raise the dead. One of the guys there, curious why you want to learn how to do this just does some voodoo mind magic on you to learn F’lhammin sent you. Or so it seems like.


There is also an instance of something similar in the Black Mage job quest line where he tells you he "manipulated the minds of a few thaumaturges of the order" into believing he committed a crime. Which not only implied they can access memories, but alter them as well. Can I get a confirm/deny on this? This isn't just me reading too much into it?




I ask because I also can't seem to find any wiki pages on The Echo aside from glorified stubs and found NO articles on thaumaturgy allowing access to memories or the mind.




Ref for Q4, F’lhammin sending you. Timestamp, 7:40



Ref for Black Mage Quest. Timestamp, 36:30

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While I'm not sure all of the specifics, there are a few quests that show new characters using the Echo, or at least something similar.


What stands out in particular, to me, is in Girdania. You go to a sword sticking out of a stump, and you see a variety of scenes that you couldn't possibly see otherwise. Some NPCs are make reference that you appeared to be out of it during the scene. In the end you figure out how the sword got there without any real clues.


Edit/Light Spoiler:


You also see a scene play out where some sort of sentient crystal tells you to collect pieces of it/another crystal. This may serve as the new awakening. I've only done the Girdania quests, so I'm not sure how it plays out in other starting cities.


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To expand on Jonexe's light spoilers.



Having started in Limsa in ARR, I can say you get the same cutscene with the crystal. If I remember well, the crystal introduces itself as Hydaelin (you know, the name of the world in FF14). You get a crystal shard and get asked to collect the crystals. Later on, you will meet masked people, one of which wants to kill you. When you'll defeat it, a darkened crystal will roll out of his hand and disappear... Which imo, implies some sort of crystal corruptors at work (or something like that).



Now about the echo.



From what I gathered, it's an ability that allows to live someone's memories. How it triggers seems random, so I can't say about this. The "Hear, Think, Feel" is still there too.



Aaaand finally about Warriors of Light : they are the people who disappeared during the Battle of Carteneau. They are called as such because the only thing people can remember of them is a blurry outline in the middle of a strong light. On the OOC side of things, all characters created before the game went into repair are viable to be Warriors of Light. ICly, nothing stops you from being one even if you're starting.

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Question 1) I hear some saying new players also get the Echo in ARR. I saw a handful say no. Some say every player character is now a Warrior of Light, others say only Legacy characters are Warriors of Light. Would someone clarify for me which once and for all?


Well, I am not a a professional lore expert, but I play one on stage and screen, so I may be able to clarify this particular point.  :P


I've only played this from the Limsa-Lominsa/Marauder angle side of things and while I do think the game pretty much treats you as an "Echo-using-Warrior-of-Light", it is ambiguous and vague enough to make you wonder. This is standard in many "modern" Japanese stories on TV/Media...at least a number of years ago. Basically, the Japanese like ambiguity in their endings of stories.


While the game does do this, it is for each person to decide if they truly are or not. I have also seen some scenes where, if you are not a "Warrior of Light" from 1.0, the game is setting you up on a path to be something similar anyway (if not the same thing...just a "new warrior of light). Again, this is up to individual players to embrace or ignore in their vision of their characters in the world.


Also, I want to add it is not out-of-question that players new to 2.0 are also "Warriors of Light" from the get-go. Since there is this world-wide memory loss at a specific point in time (the climatic end battle of 1.0) a new player coming in is basically "discovering" his past and ties to it. Basically, you are also amnesiatic of events. This opens a wide blanket to all and doesn't shut anyone out of being a "Warrior of Light" unless they choose to do so in IC-RP interactions. Still, you are going to get the cinematics for such.


I am a bit goggier on the Echo, but as Jonexe points out, I feel every player should have it. Again, it is up to the players to decide if they have that or not. The game's storyline seems propels you through as propel you through as if you have, similar to my "Warrior of Light" statement.



2) Yes, the same. The opening cinematic for new players, it is exactly like the "Hear, Think, Feel" mantra. So, that means that new players do get it.


TL;DR : Yes, everyone is a yodelling Fighter of changing bright lightbulbs. ;P

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First off, the Warriors of the Light are specifically those who fought at the Battle of Carteneau and got timewarped into the future. That's not to say that new adventurers don't have a critical role to play, however...


1. This is explained in the main scenario plot for ARR (of which I've completed all of it that's available in beta). I really don't want to spoil it, even in spoiler tags -- if you're really interested, PM me -- but I will spoil one thing in tags:


All PCs have the Echo in 2.0. This is explicitly stated in the storyline around level 17 or so. You also join an organization that's trying to continue the work of the Warriors of Light, at least as they see it.




2. There's a different awakening sequence at the beginning of the game for new characters, though the mantra remains. There's also some interesting new stuff regarding, um, certain crystal-y things...


Around level 7ish, you have a vision via the Echo that you've been chosen by Hydaelyn itself to become one of its chosen warriors. This ties back to the new opening where you encounter a certain... dark figure in the light of... a crystal. You interact with the crystal of Hydaelyn further as the plot progresses as one of its chosen warriors.




3. This gets explained in the main storyline; basically, it's not under your control, and you can see memories about others and even sometimes interact with them, but you can't change history. It also... does other key important stuff (big spoilers!).


4. I can't answer this one, as I'm not familiar with that part of the plot.

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