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New to FF14 roleplay. I have a few questions.


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I'm not new to roleplay in general, just FF lore and roleplay, so I have some specific questions that me and my two friends that joined me have pooled together. Thank you in advance.

1: I know in terms of the game's lore, some classes like (just for example) White Mages are extremely rare. Does this translate into RP at all? Are some classes taboo to roleplay?


2: Sort of an extension of the last one, but how are people who play multiple classes/jobs handled? Is, say, a Black Mage who is a Dancer on the side acceptable? I figure that it's not acceptable to just switch to whatever you want whenever you want, and keep it to a reasonable 1-2 jobs, but correct me if I'm wrong.



How is roleplay handled in the First, if it's even done there at all?


4: Anything else I should know that's specific to FF14 roleplay that I haven't asked (aside from the WoL and Echo, which I already know about)?

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Hello there, welcome to you and friends! :D

1. Most RPers will adhere to the lore to some degree if not entirely, and the RP community typically treats lore as a general guideline. It does not mean you can't RP whatever you want, just that more lore-adherant RPers may not want to RP certain things with you, and certain things your character does may have potential IC consequences.

2. You can RP your character having as many jobs, skillskets, talents, etc. as you want. My personal advice is to keep it reasonable, but there's no wrong or right way to RP.

3. Some people have First specific characters who are from the First and reside solely there (sometime's it's an AU version of their Source RP character). Other people RP characters on the Source who have been to the First and can maybe even travel freely between the two. Some people RP characters from the First who have come to the Source. Some people use zones in the First as a generic backdrop for RP even though whatever scene they're writing is canonically taking place on the Source. Many people just don't RP in the First at all.

4. Not really! The only thing that's specific in FFXIV compared to RPing anywhere else is just the terminology and lore. You can pick those up as you go along and research/ask about anything that's especially pertinent to your character or story!

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